Cosmo Smartwatch – JrTrack 2 Kids Smart Watch Review of Features

Cosmo Smartwatch – JrTrack 2 Kids Smart Watch Review of Features

Still looking for a smartwatch for your kids? Here is one of the latest smartwatch for kids from Cosmo Technologies. It is the Cosmo Smartwatch, JrTrack 2 model. A wearable that might be a perfect smartwatch for kids, and it is packed with features that your kids will love. See our initial review of the Cosmo Smartwatch JrTrack 2.


Measuring 56 x 43 x 16.5 mm, the Cosmo smartwatch has a medium size design. It is lightweight weighing 50 grams, yes it has a plastic watch case and with a sporty strap. According to the werbsite of Cosmo, it is a child friendly product, and its material is a certified plastic neutral product. It is skin friendly product, and its material us a certified plastic neutral product. The smartwatch has a durable material, no worries when your kids wear the wearable outside. It is durable enough to survive every day activities of your kids.


Regarding the design, the smartwatch has a two tone color with a sporty design, a single power button, a speaker on the top side and a 0.3 MP auto focus camera located on the upper front. It looks trendy, and fashionable that kids will surely love. With regards to color options, the smartwatch has black/orange color, black/blue, white/pink, white/purple combination.


The Cosmo Smartwatch JrTrak 2 has a full color display with a 1.4” inch color LCD, a 240 x 240 pixel resolution. Based on its tech specs, its supports touch screen operation, but we noticed that it also has a touch button key operation. Sharp, crisp display that is eye friendly.

Features of Cosmo Smartwatch JrTrack 2 Model

Cosmo promote it as a new world of family correction. Its freedom, fun and peace of mind. With this, the wearable is packed with different feature. Here are the details.

Supports Mobile Networks

The wearable supports 4G LTE coverage, it is also GSM compatible. With its the smartwatch has support for 4G calling, messaging. With this support, the smartwatch can receive messages or calls independently. It also supports text and voice messaging.

Regarding the message and calls, there is also a support for “Trusted Contact List” which is also a part of safety feature. It blocks any stranger calls with this trusted contact list feature.

Safety Features for your Kids

You can keep trak of your kids with the GPS tracking available in the Cosmo smartwatch. With the Cosmo Mission Control Parent app feature. You can check the exact location of your kids on the map. It is updated in real time, so you can check the exact location and time of your kids.

Safety Zones

If you want ot get alerted, when your kids get out of the specified zone. The smartwatch also features “Safety Zone” function. Parent can set a safety zone at school or a specified place and get notified when their child leaves the safety zone that has been set.

SOS Mode

Another safety function that is very important is the SOS function, which is an emergency button. The child can right away press the button in emergency cases. The smartwatch will automatically alert the person listed on the SOS section.


Medium size, light, and sporty. The wearable is equipped with good specs. It has g-sensor, GPS. It is also equipped with support for 4G nationawide network, a 4G LTE coverage. There is also a speaker and mic built-in the smartwatch. For the battery, it has 720 mAh LiPo battery with 3-4 days of standby time and 1-2 days of normal usage time.

Class Mode

This feature help your kids concentrate on their classes as the kids will not get destructed with the pop-up notification on their smartwatch.

Initial Review of Cosmo Smartwatch JrTrack 2 Smart watch

The wearable has a good and trendy design that will surely look attractive for kids. It also has a skin friendly materials, that is ok for all types of skin especially for delicated skin of kids. The 4G call connectivity is also a big help as parent can connect to their kids anytime, anywhere. The safety feature such as SOS and security fence is also one of the most important feature in kids smartwatch nowadays.

Cosmo Smartwatch – JrTrack 2 Specifications

Display: 1.4” inch LCD, 240 x 240 pixel resolution

Sensors: g-sensor, GPS

Connectivity: 4G LTE Coverage, GSM Compatible, COSMO Family Safe Network powered by T-Mobile

Camera: 0.3 MP Auto-Focus Camera

Battery: 720 mAh LiPo, 3-4 Days Standby Time, 1-2 Days Normal Usage Time

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