Bugatti Smartwatch – Review of Features – Luxury as its Finest

Bugatti Smartwatch – Review of Features

Bugatti Smartwatch, it might not have the media coverage with the likes of Samsung wearable, Apple Watch or Fitbit. But these wearables shouts luxury, premium, and with a feel of exclusivity. It is available only in limited numbers, this wearable is a must have in your collection. We have the details below on the review of its features and specs.

Smartwatch Highlights

Premium Design and Materials

Comprehensive Sport Functions

Dual Sensors

Design and Build Quality

The smartwatch as we stated is a premium wearable packed with the latest features. It measures 46 mm x 14.7 mm and weighs around 94 grams. The housing unit made of Zirconium Ceramic has a mechanical and industrial feel. Its bezel material is also a Zirconium Ceramic and the back cover is a titanium grade 2.

In the Ceramic Edition One Series, there are three options for bezels. Pur Sport with that sporty chrono type bezel, the LA Noire with a simple bezel, somewhat like an office look, and free. And the Diro with a sporty trendy, fashionable look. All of the models mirrors the hyper sports car models of Bugatti.

Bugatti Smartwatch

Three Bezel Design Options

Pur Sport Design

LA Noire Design

Diro Design

According to the company, it is the world’s most luxurious smartwatch. And each wearable especially every price is made by hand by team renowned watch makers.

Its durable ceramic housing body, with scratch-resistant features, and at the same time lightweight, and hypo allergenic. Every Bugatti smartwatch comes with titanium strap as well as silicon strap. Overall, the wearable is full waterproof, up to 100 meters water resistance, making it ideal for swimming, showering and snorkeling.

When it comes to display, the smartwatch has a full circular screen display. An AMOLED screen with full touch support, the resolution is also good having a 390 x 390 pixel resolution. Sharp, screen display, with exclusive preloaded watch faces. On top is a premium Sapphire crystal glass display known to be durable, and with crystal clear clarity.

Features of Bugatti Smartwatch

Just like other wearable, the smartwatch is equipped with latest generation of sensors to provide accurate data.

The wearable is designed as a sport smartwatch, the device is packed with comprehensive health and fitness functions.

HR Tracking, it provide real time heart rate monitoring, checking your HR, as well as the highest HR with  chart data.

VO2 Max, a very important function regarding your blood oxygen level, a useful function especially during workout.

Sleep Monitoring, the feature automatically monitors the deep sleep, time of awake, restlessness, as well as activity time.

Stress Measurement, the smartwatch also helps your manage your stress properly with its stress management functions.

Sport and Fitness

When it comes to sports functions, the wearable is equipped with at least 72 sports activities, sports included in the smartwatch are walking, running, hiking, biking, mountain climbing, rowing, skiing, inline skating, Nordic walking, and more.

While you are working out, there are some fitness metrics such as speed, step recovery, calories, acceleration, HR, and more. This depends upon the sports you pick.

There is also a regeneration feature, checking the status and adapt to your activities based on the results.

The smartwatch has support for Map trajectory with its built-in GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS. It also takes advantage of the GPS with its GPS Lap timing, tracking your lap time through GPS.

Real Time Notifications

Just like other smartwatches, the wearable supports real time notifications. It supports calls, text messages. There is also support for app messages, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, Skype, Calendar, and more.


Other Functions included in the smartwatch

Bioage, HRV ( heart rate variability), checking the stress level and training readiness, water loss, training function, challenge mode, stopwatch, preloaded watch faces, and more.

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Bugatti Smartwatch Specifications

Dimensions: 46 mm x 14.7 mm

Weight: 94g

Sensors: 6-axis combined accelerometer

Gyroscope, Photoplethysmography (dual sensor, GPS/Galileo/Glonass

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2

Display: AMOLED, 390×390

Glass Protection: Sapphire crystal

Bezel material: Zirconium ceramic

Housing material: Zirconium ceramic

Backcover material: Titanium grade 2

Battery:445mAh Lithium-ion

Waterproof Rating: 100 meter/10 ATM water resistant

Compatibility:  iOS 13.0 and higher/Android 7.0 and higher


Comments about Bugatti Smartwatch Online

“Lightweight with Premium Material”
“The price is too much, but good as a collectors item”
“It’s an expensive paper weight, there are other alternatives”
“Amazing Color screen, durable glass protection”

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