Bozlun B36 Lady Smartwatch in-Depth Review

Bozlun B36 Lady SmartWatch in-Depth Review

It took a few days before it arrived but grateful to for this awesome product. I was ecstatic when I first held the box and excited to unboxed it. It is something that anyone would like but most especially this will be loved by women, not only with its design but also its packaging and importantly its features. Check it out from -See the Deals

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Every little detail was meticulously crafted to have a purpose and not just for aesthetic. I’m already in loved with the Bozlun B36 Lady SmartWatch. So here’s to what the B36 has to offer by Bozlun.

Bozlun B36 Lady Smartwatch


I’ve received so many packages before, unboxed several smartwatches from the cheapest to a high-end one but the B36, it is well packed, packed to safety this important product.

It is boxed neatly in a brown squared carton, when you open it you thought that’s it but it’s not, inside is a cute tin can, which is the actual packaging of the Bozlun B36. The tin can box has intricate detail which women/ladies would love.

It’s easy to open, just pop-up the lid and inside is the Bozlun B36 Smart Watch, securely packed with all the foam to protect the screen and the whole smart watch which is sometimes overlooked by other brands.

So when you pull out the Bozlun B36 Smartwatch underneath is a magnetic charger and an instruction manual which written in Chinese and English.

Bozlun B36 Smartwatch package contents

What’s Inside Bozlun B36 ?

1 Bozlun B36 Lady Smartwatch

1 Magnetic Charger

1 instruction Manual


The B36 comes in array of fashionable colors Black, Pink, Red and purple, ours is in sleek black with a combination of matte golden around the round dial and also on its horseshoe buckle. The smartwatch is surprisingly very lightweight probably on its aluminum alloy case material and the band material is made from silicon which is integrated straight to the case.

Display screen of Bozlun B36 Smartwatch

The design is not tacky at all but instead it would be an awesome addition to your fashion style. I tested the wristwatch if it’s comfortable enough to wear all day and I end up wearing to sleep because it’s a breather. The strap has a wearing diameter of 160 -225mm and body size of 39.5mm x 8.5mm.

It doesn’t only have a beautiful aesthetic with its overall design but in addition the display has a really colorful UI for its 1.04 inch IPS one touch screen and giving it a rich color with its 240 x 198 resolution.

The screen does not disappoint because when I used it during daylight the screen display is still visible enough to read the icons.  What I love the most with its display is its animated icon which also adds up to its cool vibe.

The screen is turned off automatically within 60 seconds when not in used, touching the lower part of the dial turns the screen or just set on the APP if you want to flip wrist to display. To turn on/off the watch press and hold for approximately 5 seconds the power icon.


So I tested its features like heart rate, it uses green light sensor and I compared the result with another smartwatch and it has both the same result. For another health tracker feature the sleep monitor, I wore it when I had a nap for approximately 4 hours and it showed 3.8 hours a very close result.

It has a sports mode which same as heart rate monitor can simultaneously record data. I tested its pedometer, KCAL, distance and all of it gave an accurate result. The sports mode has animated icon, which is really fun during the test and with the B36 exercise is more enjoyable. It will also show a summary of all the sports data so you can keep track of your progress.

The Bozlun B36 Smartwatch claims IP68 waterproof rating so I wore the watch during washing dishes, hand washing and even bathing,  indeed the watch is waterproof and was okay after getting wet. Take note that it’s not hot water resistant so don’t wear it under hot shower or warm water.

Another interesting feature is its unique Physiological Period, reminder, Menstrual period, Safe Period, Ovulation Period, Egg day and Physiological status, basically this smartwatch help you to be prepared for the “Period day”. It’s an essential tool for us women.

Other features also include call and text reminder, unlike other smartwatches which only shows the icon the B36 upon testing, it shows the caller Id and the sender of the message and the actual message itself. It is more convenient this way; you will not miss anything even when doing some activities. It can also be used as remote for your phone camera this is also found in the APP, so no hassle in bringing selfie stick anymore.


To set it up just download “H Band” on “Google Play” or “APP Store”. Turn on Bluetooth and pair it with B36, after pairing, data will synchronized from your watch to the APP. You can also see your progress because it will also show the data from yesterday and days ago. By the way you can either register or use the APP with no account log in, the APP will automatically guide us user to input personal information so the result will be based on that data.

Explore the APP after synchronizing all the data. The only thing that I noticed is that I had a hard time pairing it at first with my android phone, most of the time it rejects it, but when I paired it with my iOS it paired right away . With other Android phones it works ok and paired without any issues.


It has a built-in 100 mAh Li-ion Battery works about stand by time of 20 days. It’s almost a week of using it and the battery is still full. Fully charged is approximately 3 hours using a magnetic charger. 


It’s elegant looking, very lightweight which is comfortable enough to wear even for a longer time or even when sleeping. The band can be adjusted according to your comfort. The UI is 3D and colorful so this watch is more fun and enjoyable to wear. I just wish the glossy window is also scratch free and finger print resistant, though its waterproof.

 The Bluetooth pairing sometimes fail, good thing that in the user manual Bozlun included a solution for this, you just have to follow it like I did. Over all the Bozlun B36 Lady Smartwatch is like a surprise box, it may be simple on the exterior but the features are amazing, you will be in awe. 

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