Best Blood Pressure Monitor Fitness Tracker/Smartband of 2021

We all know that regular checking of your blood pressure has a huge benefits, people with hypertension who regularly check their blood pressure is able to manage or seek treatment, before it leads to a more serious situation like heart disease or stroke.

With the advent of technology, home electronic blood pressure monitors is becoming popular, a blood pressure monitor with long cords and doesn’t require a stethoscope. They are portable with its digital screen, it is easy also for a non medical person to read the data. But even if these are amazing devices, sometimes users with high blood pressures don’t carry it with them as they think that they are still bulky and will not fit in their pocket or pouch.

It’s a good thing that as technologies improve, blood pressure monitor can now be fit in a small form factor with these, several blood pressure monitor is intergrated in wearables such as smartwatch and smartband. It is a new technology but as technology improves we are going to see it more often in wearables. So far heart rate monitor is the trend for fitness trackers and smartwatches, but I’m pretty sure BPM will soon going to be a common feature in wearables.

Anyways there are some companies that already ventured into this area, releasing their own version of blood presure fitness tracker/smartband. Below we compile a list of some of the fitness tracker with blood pressure monitor, that you can buy online or new and upcoming wearables with blood pressure monitor.

Benefits of Blood Pressure Monitor Fitness Tracker

  • You can wear it like a watch, its lightweight and portable.

  • You can check you BP anytime, anywhere

  • Affordable compared to other blood pressure monitoring

  • Easy to read the data in the digital screen

  • See the history of your blood pressure in the fitness tracker as well as in the support app

H2 Blood Pressure Smartband

The company behind the H2 claims that the H2 smartband is the smallest and the lightest blood pressure monitor in the world. The H2 smartband is developed by H2Care and has a successful campaign in

The Blood pressure smartband features an LED dot display loaded with different sensors such as pressure sensor, activity tracker sensor and oscillometric sensor. The main function of the band is to help you track your blood pressure anytime, anywhere without the need of bringing a bulky blood pressure monitor anywhere you go.

The H2 blood pressure monitor makes it easy to monitor your blood pressure, it alert you that its time to take your blood pressure and store it to your phone. Aside from blood pressure, the H2 smartband has a step counter, distance counter and calorie counter which is very beneficial during workout.

I guess the most important feature of the H2 Blood Pressure Monitor tracker, is the H2 app, it is a featured pack app with all of your stats are recorded in the app with suggestions and recommendation from the H2Care. It also has a health community of users with groups that provide feedback and advises from its members and experts.

With 100 mAh battery, the H2 Blood Pressure monitor fitness tracker has 4 days of battery life, and with 8 different band colors. The strap can be interchange to other colors like black, white, navy, brown, orange, blue, red and pink.

KESSDER H-One Fitness Tracker and Blood Pressure Monitor

So far this is one of the best looking blood pressure monitor/fitness tracker with a wide LCD screen. It has a 1.54” inch screen with a 240 x 240 pixel. It features a heart rate monitor, calories burned, fitness tracker as well as blood pressure monitoring. The smartwatch has a stainless steel body with 220mAh battery providing 3 days of standby time. The H-One has a support app, the H-Wristwatch where you can synchronize your smartband with the app to see all your stats. It is IP64 waterproof rated smartwatch that has a sporty genuine leather strap that is also splash proof and dustproof.

See the Price and Specs Here

Riversong WaverBP Blood Pressure Monitor Fitness Band

The Riversong fitness band Wave BP is another fitness band equipped with blood pressure monitor as well as heart rate monitor. Its 0.87 inch OLED touch screen shows the BP, HR as well as the steps taken. It also includes calorie counter, sleep monitoring. Aside from the health and fitness, Riversong Wave BP blood pressure fitness band is able to receive SMS and call notifications. It is a water resistant fitness band with 70 mAh Li-Polymer battery with 5-8 days of standby time.

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Kassica Blood Pressure Monitor Fitness band

Another fitness band with health and sports features. It include step counter, calore counter and sleep monitoring. Its a sport band with nice look, a TPU band a stainless steel buckle.

The Kassica health fitness tracker has a double green light sensor able to track your blood pressure and heart rate monitor in real time. The Kassica has a 0.87 inch OLED touch screen with 80 mAh battery, it is available in 6 different color bands providing 5 days of standby time. Aside from fitness and health features, the smartband is able to receive notifications like call and message notifications from social apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

The Kassica Blood pressure smartband has the H-Band support app where you can sync your record throughout the day and see your history data.

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Omron Health Care Blood Pressure Wearables

Omron a popular blood pressure monitor provider is joining the quest in providing the best blood pressure wearable monitor in the market. Right now they have two upcoming wearables for blood pressure monitor, the “HeartVue”, and the “Project Zero 2.0”.

The HeartView, a wireless blood pressure monitor that looks and works like a smartband. It is the smallest blood pressure monitor by Omron, it is able to detect your activity in real time, including sleep tracking. What I like about the Omron HeartVue blood pressure monitor is their technical support, as well as they have several years of experience in the field of blood pressure monitoring products. According to the company the product HeartVue will be out this 2017.

While Omron is preparing for the HeartVue, there is already another wearable with blood pressure monitor in development. It is called Project Zero 2.0. The wearable is a smartwatch with similar look to LG or Moto360 smartwatch. The smartwatch is a compact blood pressure monitor with variety of sensors for measuring physical activity. It also sync with the Omron app for easy storing and tracking of vital data.

Please take note that blood pressure monitor wearables is a new technology and some might not provide accurate reading of your blood pressure. Don’t just rely all in the fitness tracker. It is still best to go to a nearest clinic or hospital when you feel that you are experiencing signs of an HBP, and your fitness tracker is also somewhat confirming the signs. See website for more details on the Omron Blood Pressure Wearables

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