BlitzWolf BW-AT3C Smartwatch – Review of Features

BlitzWolf BW-AT3C Smartwatch – Review of Features

Here is another wearable from BlitzWolf, this is the latest smartwatch from BlitzWolf with sporty outdoor style. It’s the Bliztwolf BW-AT3C smartwatch. Check out the details below for the BlitzWolf wearable, the features, the specifications.

Design and Built Quality

The BliztWolf BW-AT3C smartwatch has an outdoor style, rugged look with three physical buttons. It also has a metal bezel with a G-Wear branding on the top. Solid, stylish measuring 48 mm x 12 mm in thickness. To give it a complete sporty look, the wearable has a silicon watch strap with stainless steel buckle.

So far, the BW-AT3C smartwatch is one of the latest outdoor smartwatch. It is available in black, blue, and silver color. It also has a good waterproof rating, solid metal body with life waterproof rating.

Blitzwolf BW-AT3C Smartwatch


When it comes to display, the wearable has a full color circular 1.32” inch IPS LCD screen with retina-like high resolution. Sharp screen with 360 x 360 pixel resolution. On top is a tempered glass screen display with crystal clear clarity.

Features of BlitzWolf BW-AT3C Smartwatch

With its sport outdoor design, the BW-AT3C is loaded with different health and fitness functions.

Sports Tracking

The smartwatch has at least 13 sports tracking, this includes walking, badminton, football, trail running, climbing, sti-up, golf, free training and rowing. Each sports function might monitor the calories, steps, as well as distance. It also supports connected GPS when the device is connected to the app.

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Health Monitoring

For its health function, the wearable ha sa 24 heart rate monitoring. There is also blood pressure monitoring, and blood oxygen monitoring. It monitors your vital stats 24/7 with graphs and stats in the support app.

Bluetooth Call and News alerts

With its Bluetooth 5.0, and built-in mic and speaker, the wearable supports Bluetooth call, receive calls, dial calls with phone book, call reject. It also supports News alerts.

Smart Messages

Receive SMS messages, get notified with social app messages, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Line, Email.

Games – to kill your boredom, the smartwatch has several games installed. There is a YoungBird, and 2048 game.

Sleep Detection – monitoring the sleep quality and analyzing it with graphs. Check the sleep hours, deep sleep as well as light sleep.

Remote Camera – with its Bluetooth connection, the wearable supports remote camera control

Music Control – similar to remote camera, the smartwatch supports music control via Bluetooth. Play, stop, pause and go to the next music on your phone with this feature.

Female Physiological Function – For female, they can monitor their health with its female cycle monitoring. Monitor the ovulation period, pregnancy, and menstrual period.

Extra features included are multiple watch faces, custom watch faces, stopwatch, weather, countdown, alarm, and more.


With its outdoor design and advanced features. BlitzWolf equipped it with an advanced and low power consumption chip. It runs the Realtek 8762DT processor, a fast but battery friendly chip. It also has a Bluetooth 5.0 making it stable and at the same time, fast. For its battery, the smartwatch has 360 mAh battery with 30 days of standby time, and 8-15 days of normal usage.

Initial Review of Blitzwolf BW-AT3C Smartwatch

The smartwatch has a good sporty, outdoor style. It looks elegant, with its premium design. In terms of its hardware, the wearable is updated this includes support for Bluetooth call. It got the features that you need for health monitoring as well as for sports. Just like other advance series 7 smartwatches, the BW-AT3C has support for wireless charging. Now, it is easier to charge the smartwatch, just lay it down on the wireless charging cradle to charge it right away.

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