[Download] Best VXP Watch Faces for NO.1 G6 and other Type of Smartwatches

Now that you know the process of installing a watch face for your NO.1 G6, ( if you don’t haven’t read the tutorial please read it here). It’s time to bring you the best watch face for NO.1 G6, so far there are only a handful of watch faces available for NO.1 G6, we hope that the number of available watch faces will increase as the NO.1 G6 and other similar smartwatches gain popularity.


Anyways here are the lists of watch faces for NO.1 G6 that we think looks good on the G6 smartwatch. We picked at least 5 watch faces for NO.1 G6 that we think looks good, and available for download for free. Note: Again we emphasized that don’t attempt to change your watch without thorough knowledge of the process. Read first our tutorial and other resources before attempting to do one.

Well without further ado here the best watch faces for NO.1 G6


Citizen Watch Face – clean and simple on the G6, the Citizen watch face might look traditional and boring but once you install it to your NO.1 G6, it is surprisingly looks good.


Mickey Mouse Classic – we have seen this watch face in a classic analog wrist watch, it also made its way in Android Wear, and also has been one of the most favorite watch face in Apple Watch. Now the Mickey Mouse Classic is available in NO.1 G6 smartwatch. The watch face cleverly uses the hands of Mickey as the hour and minute hands, pointing to the right time.


Roman – if you want a minimalist, clean design, go for the Roman watch face. As the name suggest, it has the roman numeral for its numbers on white/silvery background making your smartwatch look elegant.


Breitling –  dreaming of a Breitling watch? Your dream is now a reality sort of, check out this Breitling watch face. The watch face looks complicated, with a lot of details, it has military time, and other stuff like chrono.

The chrono is not working but serves as an aesthetic design, making it more like a Breitling watch, the watch face are for those who want their G6 looks more manly and look tough.


PipBoy– Relieved the popular Pip-boy 3000 by Fallout in this cool watch face, PiPboy, a simple digital watch face, cool graphics with that green-glowing monochrome screen, and will certainly capture the attention of PipBoy fans. It might not be that high tech, but will certainly put a lot of smile and memories on this cool watch face.

ColorWheel MFI –   this one is a good looking colorful with a taste of vintage watch face for your No.1 G6, its a cool looking watch face that looks good on your watch face. It is a color wheel that works as a watch face for your No.1 G6.

Mysterious – Smith001, its a sharp, clear somewhat like a crystal electricity ball or eye ball concept watch face. This will certainly look good on a .vxp circular type smartwatch. Its free to download in the watchfaceup website.

LORUS MFI – if you are looking for a 12 hour and 24 hour format watch face that is non obstrusive, the LORUS MFI is one of the simplest and minimalist design in the vxp watch face section.

You can download additional watch faces from vxpface.ml or the XDA Forums

NEW WATCH FACE WEBSITE: http://watchfaceup.com


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