Best Must Have Screen Protector for Mi Band 4

Best Must Have Screen Protector for Mi Band 4

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the top selling wearable by Xiaomi. It is now one of the most affordable smartband by Xiaomi with the best features loaded to it. See full specs here. There are a lot of accessories available for the wearable from third party straps to extra charging cable. This time we are going to list some of the best and must have screen protector for Mi Band 4.

Well without further delay, here are our list of the best screen protector for Mi Band 4. We group the screen protectors into two classes, unbranded which is very affordable. And branded ones, screen protectors from already well-known company with a much higher price tag.

See out list below.

Ferlinso Screen Protectors

The Ferlinso screen protector is a 3-piece high sensitive full coverage screen protector for Xiaomi Mi band 4. The TPU is an easy to apply screen protector that avoid any air bubbles on the screen. It is also 3D touch compatible. Features included are 9H solid hardness, high light transparency, anti-fingerprint.

  • High Touch Sensitive soft TPU & PET that is Case Friendly
  • Anti-Fingerprint Coating, it is easy to clean
  • Bubble-Free Installation with no smudges and dirt

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Spectre Shield Xiaomi Mi band 4 Screen Protector

Unlike the Ferlinso, this screen protector is a 6 pack TPU film. Each screen protector has an advanced film layer. It has a scratch resistant coat, UV clear coat, thermoplastic urethane, clear acrylic adhesive and protective liner. According to Spectre shield, the film screen protector are military grade clear film. It is durable as well as HD clear with an error free installation. The package comes with instructions for installing the film as well as microfiber cleaning cloth.

  • Laser-cut precision to ensure perfect fit
  • High definition transparency film
  • Several Advanced film layer ensuring full protection

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Youniker Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Screen Protector Film

One of the most durable screen protector for  Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the Youniker is a military grade scratch resistant film. It is loaded with great feature that you would like to have in a screen protector. The film aside from being durable, it is also ultra-thin, transparent and clear. Plus it has an anti-fingerprint, anti-oil feature.

Screen Protector for Mi band 4

It is also has high transparency and with good touch sensitivity for a crystal clear text and graphics and a most trap and access of menus. The screen protector has an edge to edge protection, no space is left uncovered, with its 3D curved edges, you can be sure of a full coverage.

  • 3D-Curved Edges provides maximum protection
  • Clear Hydrophobic and Oleophobic screen making it anti-fingerprint, anti-oil, anti-acid
  • Ultra-clear high definition with 99.9% transparency

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We got below some of the most affordable screen protector for the Mi Band 4. Check out the list from one of the popular shopping site online for Chinese products, the list of the screen protectors cost around less than 5.00 USD.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 2PCS – Transparent

Although it has a cheap price, still the screen protectors is more than just a simple film. It has a 2.5D rounded edges, high definition screen and with oleophobic coating and anti-fingerprint resistant coating. It is easy to install with no dead angle, no bubbles and applying it on the screen of your Mi band 4.

  • 5D Rounded Edges ensures edge to edge protection
  • optical transmittance grade, ultra-low reflection, high Transparency
  • Bubble-Free Adhesive installation

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JOFLO TPU Explosion-proof Screen Protector Film

One of the latest in the market, the JOFLO TPU film protector for Mi band 4 has a good quality. It has 3H abrasion level protecting it from daily scratches. It also has feature for anti-dust, water, oil and fingerprint smudges and abrasion.

  • Innovative TPU film
  • 99% HD light transmittance ratio
  • Bendable, Membrane and screen fit closely

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