Best Fitbit for Kids 2021 – For Teens and Kids

Best Fitbit for Kids 2021 – For Teens and Kids

There is a demand for smartwatches and fitness tracker for kids, as well as teens. Right now, several companies offer wearables for kids and teens. One of the popular companies with wearable offerings for kids is Fitbit. Every year they introduced new design with improve specs and features. Below we compiled some of the best wearable for kids as well as teenagers.

If you are looking for a fitness tracker and wanted it to be a Fitbit brand below is our pick for the best Fitbit for kids this 2021. Before that, please check our information on the qualities of a good fitness tracker as well as the reason why you should buy a fitness tracker for your kids.

Best Fitbit for Kids 2021 our Pick

Fitbit Ace 3 Fitness Tracker

It is the latest fitness tracker for kids in the Fitbit product line-up this year. The Fitbit Ace 3 fitness tracker has a lot of improvements on the design as well as its features and of course battery life. It is included in our list and here is our take on the Fitbit Ace 3 and why it is the best pick this year.



The smartwatch is available in two options in Black/Sport Red and Cosmic Blue/Astro Green. Pick from the color that suit the personality of your kids. The wearable has a solid make with the silicon material covering the body of the Fitbit Ace 3 fitness tracker.

t has a bumper like body making it durable from bumps, falls and scratches. We know our kids, they have an active lifestyle, a durable, shock proof fitness tracker is a must. Adding durability to the fitness tracker, the wearable is waterproof up to 50 meters. No worries about getting it wet while your kids are playing outdoors, it is also dust proof and sweat proof. If you are worried about the strap especially if your kids are sensitive to silicon straps. The Fitbit Ace 3 according to Fitbit,


The fitness tracker is packed with features and functions that focuses on kids, one of the main feature of the wearable is the “Parental Control” function. Parents can create different accounts, one for the parent and the other one is for the kid. The guardian or parent can set-up a family account, where he/she can check the activity of the kids. Control what your kids can see in their devices, such as badges, stats and other functions.

The parental control also includes “Sleep tracking”, as a parent you can track the sleep duration to see if your kids are following their sleep schedule as well as if they are getting enough sleep. There is also a sleep reminder, to remind your kids that its sleep time.

Aside from changing their strap to personalized they wearable, kids can also pick from different clock faces. They have the option to customize it and suit it to their personality. According to Fitbit, there are more than 20 clock faces available to choose from.

Another function that makes it fun and enjoyable for your kids, is the fun family challenges. They will be motivated to workout with challenges. Receiving badges when the goal is achieve. Regarding the challenges, it is connected to the “all day activity tracking” feature. The device can record daily steps, activities, with option to set an activity goals. Kids and parents can track the progress in the support app and even compete with the family member with Fitbit wearable.

It is not all about health and fitness, the wearable can also receive smart notifications. Your kids can receive call notifications, message notifications from parents, get connected with our kids with this feature.

Fitbit Ace 3 Specifications

Display: PMOLED Touch Screen

Sensor: 3-axis accelerometer, heart rate monitor

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2

Battery: Lithium-polymer Up to 8 days battery life

Compatibility: iOS 12.2 or higher and Android OS 7.0 and higher

Waterproof Rating: Up to 50 meters waterproof


Fitbit Ace 2 Fitness Tracker


Still, a popular fitness tracker even if the Ace 3 is out. The Fitbit Ace 2 has a simple look but still it has that durable body protected by somewhat a bumper case and with a sporty strap, with tight buckle. It has an interchangeable strap, pick from Fitbit store and select that cool strap that suit your kids personality. Options for the strap are grape classic, night classic and watermelon classic. There is also a print option, go print and jazz print are for purchase.


The smartwatch is loaded with sport and health features. Similar to Ace, the Ace 2 has an all-day activity tracking, it monitors the steps, calories and other features vital for your kids health. It also includes 1 hour active minutes goal, the option is available in the app.

Fun incentives, get avatars, virtual badges to motivate your kids to get fit and achieve the goal. It is also equipped with bedtime reminders, you can set a bedtime schedule to remind your kid/s that its time to sleep, teaching them to follow the schedule keeping them healthy as well.

Other functions available in the Fitbit Ace 2 are timer and stopwatch, there is also an alarm, sedentary reminders. For personalization, pick from colorful strap offering, customize cock face with avatar and cover photos. There are also animated clock faces that your kids will surely love.

Similar to Ace 3, the Fitbit Ace 2 has real-time notifications, it can receive call and message alert in real-time.

Fitbit Ace 2 Specifications

Display: OLED Touch Screen

Sensor: 3-axis accelerometer

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Battery: Lithium-polymer Up to 5 days battery life

Compatibility: iOS 12.2 or higher and Android OS 7.0 and higher

Waterproof Rating: Up to 50 meters waterproof


Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker

If your kids want a more advance, fitness tracker and don’t like that kiddie design of the Ace series. The Fitbit Inspire 2 fitness tracker is the next pick. Its design is more ideal for kids than the Ace. Still, it has a lightweight design and trendy look, check our initial review of the wearable and why it’s included in our best pick for a fitness tracker for kids and teens.

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The Fitbit Inspire 2 fitness tracker is also included in our list of best fitbit for kids 2021 due to its sporty lightweight, it is the latest wearable from the Inspire series. It has a PC body with a sexy look, curve screen with a single physical button on the side. The wearable has a replaceable strap, pick from rose gold or silver steel mesh, leather band, and fashionable bloom print band.

There is also an option to remove the strap and replace it with a clip, looking like pocket watch. For the display, the fitness tracker has a simple screen display. It has a monochrome OLED screen with simple details and graphics to let your focus more on your health activities and not be distracted by fancy graphics and images.


Just like other Fitbit wearable, the fitness tracker has an all-day activity tracking, it track the steps, distance and calories. It can track the all-day calorie burn, 24/7 heart rate monitoring as well as resting heart rate.

For fitness, the wearable is loaded with tons of fitness tracker. It has at least 20 exercise modes + smart track. It provides cardio fitness level, real-time pace, and distance. Plus its SmartTrack automatically recognises exercise.

Other health functions included are sleep mode with more details on the premium, premium guided programmes. There is also a sedentary alerts, smartphone alerts like alarm, timer, social app notifications, calls and messages.

Fitbit Inspire 2 Specifications

Display: OLED Touch Screen

Sensor: 3-axis accelerometer, 24/7 heart rate monitoring

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2

Battery: Battery life of up to 10 days

Compatibility: iOS 12.2 or higher and Android OS 7.0 and higher

Waterproof Rating: Up to 50 meters waterproof


Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Tracker


It is the latest model from Charge 4 series, the fitness tracker has a simple sporty design. The wearable is not for kids but it is more fitting for kids who wants to advanced to a more loaded fitness tracker. Classic design with that flat wide-body, it has a wide range of personalization options, especially on its strap. Pick from classic bands, sports bands woven bands which teens will surely love and a corporate-looking horween leather strap.

It is lightweight with its plastic resin case, but durable enough to withstand daily use. It is full compact, having a water-resistant feature. It can withstand up to 50 meters underwater. For its display, it is bright, sharp but teens might get disappointed with its monochrome display. The good thing is that it supports a touch screen display which makes it easy to navigate the select its menus.


It is an advanced fitness tracker packed with different sports features, GPS as well as NFC. It also has 24/7 heart rate monitoring, resting heart rate and heart rate zones. active zone minutes and workout intensity map for its sports features.

Additional health features are, sleep monitoring with its personalized sleep score feature. Guided breathing helping you to have a relax moment, as well as have healthy lungs. Regarding its sports mode, it has exercise modes, all-day activity tracking monitoring the calories, steps, distance, even floors climbed. It is also equipped with goal-based exercises.

Let your teens stay connected and notified with notifications and quick replies. You teens can receive notifications whether its call, text, they can even send quick reply on the fitness tracker. Additional functions included are alarm, timer, weather, preloaded watch faces, there is also Fitbit Pay and more.

Fitbit Charge 4 Specifications

Display: OLED Touch Screen

Sensor: 3-axis accelerometer, Optical heart rate monitor, GPS, NFC, Altimeter

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Battery: Battery life 7 days, if GPS is use, it has 5 hours battery life

Compatibility: iOS 12.2 or higher and Android OS 7.0 and higher

Waterproof Rating: Up to 50 meters waterproof

Why Buy a Fitness Tracker for kids?

Kids today tend to be lazy and having more of a sedentary lifestyle. They tend to focus more on television or their smartphone whether they are playing games or browsing social media page. Providing them with a fitness tracker may at least encourage them to move, get fit and be aware of their physical health. Let them engage in health and fitness with a fitness tracker.

Fitness tracker for kids has a fitness goal feature to encourage them to achieve it, get fit and eventually help them to get used to an everyday fitness routine. Once the fitness exercise routine is in their system, getting healthy and fit will already be a part of their lives. Helping them avoid health issues in the future.

What to pick from a good Fitness Tracker

Of course price matters, an affordable fitness tracker is also in consideration when getting one.

Light and Skin Friendly, aside from that, because kids are using it, a light fitness tracker and skin-friendly is a must. Get a wearable that has food-grade material to avoid skin rash and other issues with your kids skin.

Long battery life, get a fitness tracker that last up to a week or more in just a single charge.

Precise activity monitoring, get wearable that has accurate monitoring, whether its heart rate or steps and calories. Having good sensors provide much accurate results during workout.

A Good Support app, even if you have a good fitness tracker but without a good support app, it is still useless. Support app records and provide more details on your activity, it is a must to have a well-built app for your device. Smooth synchronization, a stable connection should be considered in getting a fitness tracker.

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