IWO 13 Smartwatch – Best Apple Watch 5 Clone?

IWO 13 Smartwatch – Best Apple Watch 5 Clone?

Looking for an Apple Watch 5 Clone? You might want to check the IWO 13 smartwatch. This is one of the latest smartwatch from IWO and I guess it’s the ultimate and the best Apple Watch 5 clone.

This smartwatch is listed in AliExpress and different tech shopping sites. But don’t get surprised if you noticed that some of the promotional images are blurred or with an overlay graphics. I guess this is to avoid any copyright infringement issues.

IWO 13 Smartwatch

If you are going to take a look at the IWO 13 smartwatch, seems like the company is getting closer in copying the Apple Watch 5 in terms of looks. It has come a long way since IWO 8 version. From its TPU strap, its attachment mechanism, to its body design.

Please take note that the smartwatch has a lite version of it, having a much lesser specs but still having the same look. Going back to the IWO 13, lets take a look at its specs and features.

Design and Display

The IWO 13 smartwatch is available in 44 mm and 40 mm version. It has an alloy body with life waterproof rating. Of course, when it comes to design, it shouts Apple Watch. Similar body design, even the placement of the crown button and the pill like button is similar to the Cupertino’s wearable.

IWO 13 Smartwatch

When it comes to the display, this is where you can notice that it is far from Apple watch. When you turnoff the screen, you might not notice the difference if based on the design. But when  it is activated you can see clearly the difference with the 1.54” inch screen of Apple Watch retina display and the 240 x 240 pixel resolution TFT LCD. The good thing about the screen is that it’s a full touch screen and not just a touch key button, similar to other Apple watch clones. On top of this is a 2.5D glass screen that extend all the way to the aluminum alloy body.

Hardware and Features

Like most of the affordable wearables in the market, the IWO 13 smartwatch runs the Nordic NRF52832. It has a 64 KB of RAM, and 128 KB of ROM, this means that the wearable will not be able to have a new installation of apps as it is limited only in capacity. It is as is, running on its own operating system with no additional installation of apps or updates. Although it lacks a good storage space, it is loaded with health and fitness sensors. It has g-sensor, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure as well as blood oxygen monitoring.

Features included are basic call and message reminder, there is also a social app support, Bluetooth music support, Bluetooth photo support, alarm, timer and more.

Looking at the specs and features, it is pretty obvious that the wearables hardware is far from the contender of Apple’s wearable.  I guess, this Apple watch copycat can only compete sort of with Apple Watch on the looks department.  Even the software is very inferior with the popular wearable. You Might Want to Read: Best Apple Watch Alternative 2020

The price of the smartwatch is the only advantage it got, having a very affordable price, you can consider it really cheap if you compare it to Apple watch price. Anyways, its goal is not to compete with the popular smartwatch but to ride on its popularity. The manufacturer offers a cheap alternative for those who would like to have a wearable with the look of the Apple watch, and not the whole, overall features and specs.


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