Basis Peak Smartwatch – Recall due to OverHeating

Intel is in deep trouble with its smartwatch, the recent entry of Intel into wearable devices, got a major flaw that cannot be fixed easily.

Basis Peak smartwatch, the smartwatch if you are not familiar with is focused more on fitness and health with its different sensors. The watch might not win a beauty contest for smartwatch but underneath the case, is an electronic stuff with different features, it’s a good to have smartwatch with several positive reviews and could have a second edition if weren’t to this flawed that was reported.


According to the report, Intel decided to have a recall just more than a year after it was released. Intel announced on its website that they are recalling all Basis Peak smartwatch regardless of the model, after users reported of burns and blisters on their skin surface, Intel encourage users to stop using the smartwatch immediately and return it, Intel will issue a full refund for the watch, citing overheating issues. User will still be able to access their data until December 31, 2016.

Prior to recall, Intel already conducted an investigation and tried to provide a solution via a software update, but failed.

Despite our best effort, we aren’t able to develop such a solution without completely compromising the user experience.”

It’s not yet known if how many users are affected Basis Peak smartwatch, it is not that popular compared to the likes of Samsung and Gear S2, Android Wear wearables and Pebble but still do have a substantial number of users.

To return your watch and obtain a full refund, customers worldwide can visit Customers can also call the following numbers (at the prompt, callers in Europe should choose option 1, “technical support”):

  • United States and Canada: 1 (844) 622-7472 (7AM-5PM PST)
  • France: 01-41-91-85-29 (8:30AM-4PM UTC)
  • Germany: 069-9509-6099 (8:30AM-4PM UTC)
  • Italy: 02-696-33276 (8:30AM-4PM UTC)
  • Spain: 91-377-8166 (8:30AM-4PM UTC)
  • United Kingdom: 01793-404925 (8:30AM-4PM UTC)
  • Switzerland: Use the France, Germany or Italy number based on language preference.



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