Bakeey P32 Smartwatch -Simply Classy

Bakeey P32 Smartwatch -Simply Classy

Check this new rectangular smartwatch from Bakeey with a classy finish, the Bakeey P32 smartwatch. The wearable has zinc alloy body with a rectangular design, it has rounded corners, single physical button. It has a glossy finish available in different color options, such as green, black, and pink color.

The Bakeey P32 smartwatch has rounded corners, rounded edges giving it a classy Plus it is accompanied by sporty silicon watch strap with interchangeable straps. Overall, the smartwatch has an IP68 waterproof rating, it is splash-proof, wash proof as well as dustproof. You can even wear the smartwatch during swimming.

When it comes to display, the Bakeey P32 smartwatch has a 1.65 ” inch TFT-LCD screen display with a full touch support. It has a 240 x 295 pixel resolution with bright, sharp and crisp color display. On top of that is a 2.5D tempered glass that goes all the way to the edge of the screen.

P32 smartwatch

Features of the Bakeey P32 Smartwatch

The smartwatch is preloaded with several watch faces, pick from analog design to digital, there are also watch face design with several data available on the watch face.

With its optical heart rate monitor, the wearable intelligent heart rate algorithm providing 24 hour heart rate status. Aside from heart rate, the smartwatch has also a blood pressure monitoring, as well as blood oxygen monitor. Another health monitoring function is sleep monitoring, record the sleep time and check the sleep quality wuth its sleep monitoring function.

If you are a fan of fitness and sports, the smartwatch has at least 24 sports monitoring function. Keep track of your activities, running, skipping rope, baseball, basketball, hiking, swimming, cycling, walking, ballet, and more.

Smart Reminders, receive phone calls, and messages in real time. The P32 smartwatch can receive messages whether its SMS or social app messages. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Linkedln, Line, and more.


When it comes to hardware, the smartwatch runs the RealTek8762C processor with 128 MB of flash memory. The smartwatch has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity compatible with Android system 5.0 version or above; iOS system 9.0 version or above. The smartwatch has 180 mAh large battery with 30 days of standby time and 7 days of normal usage.

Bakeey P32 Smartwatch Full Specifications

Processor: Realtek 8762C

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate sensor, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen monitor

Display: 1.65″ inch TFT LCD with 240 x 295 pixels

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Battery Capacity: 180mAh Standby Time: About 30 days

Support App: GloryFit

Waterproof Rating: IP68 Rating

Compatibility: Android system 5.0 version or above; iOS system 9.0 version or above

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