Aviator Smartwatch g360 – Premium Looking Hybrid Smartwatch

Aviator Smartwatch g360 – Premium Looking Hybrid Smartwatch

If you are in hunt for a hybrid smartwatch, you might want this premium looking wearable from the Aviator. The Aviator smartwatch g360, is a classic elegant premium looking hybrid smartwatch. We are fan of hybrid smartwatches and this wearable just can get pass on our radar without checking out on its features and specs.

Here is our take on the design and features of the Aviator Smartwatch g360 model

The smartwatch has a model number Aviator Smartwatch AVW79215G360, looking at the device, the wearable has a classic elegant style. At a glance you might think that the wearable is a classic wrist watch that we see all the time, but looking closely you will notice that it is more than just a wrist watch. It is a smartwatch on the inside with a classic feel and look on the outside.

Aviator Smartwatch g360

As the name suggest, the smartwatch is more of a classic premium aviator look, with chrono type bezel. On its bezel are different major cities worldwide. The display is a combination of 12 hour format time and a 24 hour time. There is also a physical buttons on the side, at least 4 buttons with specific functions.

The body is stainless steel, around 46 mm in size and it is 5 ATM waterproof, no worries on getting it wet, splashes of water, you can even wear it while swimming and even dust proof. It’s a beautiful premium looking device, and comes in color black and silver color.

Aviator Smartwatch g360

Regarding its display, the smartwatch has an analog display for telling time. Still it’s the classic analog dial with three hands for telling time. But there is a twist on the display; it has a small OLED display on the bottom part of the dial. It shows other stats like notifications, steps, calories, battery and more.

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Features of the Aviator Smartwatch G360

With the Bluetooth connectivity, the smartwatch can receive notifications such as calls, SMS, even social app notifications. For those who want to track their steps, the smartwatch has pedometer, calorie and distance counter.

Additional features included are calendar, lost phone, there is also a sleep monitoring and other useful functions. The smartwatch Aviator smartwatch g360 comes with a charging station, USB charging cable and a box.


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