Apple Watch 4 – Specs, Features, Price

Apple Watch 4 – Specs, Features, Price

Finally the 4th generation smartwatch of Apple is here, Apple Watch 4 and it is packed with several featues including an EKG sensor.

The leaked information last month confirms that the Apple Watch 4 indeed has a much wider screen, it also comes in four version, 40 mm with LTE and non LTE and 44 mm LTE and non LTE also and in different colors and strap styles.

The Apple Watch 4 also improved its preloaded watch faces, and has an option up to 8 customizable data. Still it comes in premium sapphire version and variety of options for those who want to have a sporty or elegant look for their smartwatch.

With its new look and design, the health and fitness feature is the one that made a buzz. The Apple Watch 4 includes electrical heart sensor allowing user to take on electrocardiogram or ECG using its watch crown. This is not new as other smartwatches and smartband has this feature but with Apple’s ECG it has an approval already of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) making it a game changer.

It is also loaded with fall detection with its new improve gyro and with option to alert family members encase of emergency. The Apple Watch 4 is powered by Apple S4 Dual Core processor and much faster memory. Of course Apple improved its hardware such as speaker, mic, processing speed, notifications and a bunch of options available in Apple Watch. There is also in improvement on the battery life, 18 hours with the regular usage and 6 hours if you are working out.

The Apple Watch 4 starts at $399 for the Series 4 model and 100 dollar more expensive for the LTE model $499. According to Apple the preorders of Apple Watch 4 will start on Sept. 14, 2018.

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