Alpha Strong Smartwatch – Delta Model Review of Features

Alpha Strong Smartwatch – Delta Model Review of Features

We spotted this new outdoor smartwatch from Alpha Strong smartwatch, a tactical smartwatch for those who are looking for an outdoor rugged wearable. The model Alpha Strong Delta is a wearable built for those who are looking for an outdoor survival smartwatch. See the details below for the review of its features.

Design and Build Quality

Looking at the wearable, obviously, its design is for outdoor. A durable military-grade smartwatch with stainless steel frame enclosed in a PC body. There are four physical buttons for operation, Return/Power on button, Sport mode Buttons (2), Sleep/Wake return button. Although it has several physical buttons, the smartwatch supports touch screen operation, with its full circular display.

The body of the smartwatch is solid built, making it durable. It passed at least 12 military-grade certifications based on its specs. It is able to survive in harsh environments. Its IP68 rating makes it waterproof up to 10 meters. It is a rugged smartwatch with an industrial design, shock proof body.

The Delta model from Alpha Strong is a tactical smartwatch, it looks rugged and accompanied by a durable TPU strap with stainless steel buckle.


Features of Alpha Strong Smartwatch

Health and Fitness

The smartwatch is loaded with several sensors, it has heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitor, as well as blood oxygen monitoring. If you want to check your bio stats, the smartwatch is equipped with it, allowing you to check your SpO2 and BP anytime, and anywhere.

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12 Sports Mode Loaded

If you are into fitness, the wearable is loaded with at least 12 sports mode. Sports included are walking, running, cycling , hiking to name a few. Aside from that the smartwatch also has automatic activity monitoring, it monitors the steps, calories and distance. For the sport function, it monitors the steps, calories, and distance, HR, depending on the sport function.

Real Time Notifications

Aside from the above health and fitness functions. The smartwatch supports notifications. Either from calls or messages. It also supports app notifications, whether its from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Battery Life

The Alpha Strong Smartwatch Delta mode has at least 21 days of battery life, with 30 minutes of charging only, it supports fast charging.

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