Alfawise EX17S Sports Smartwatch – Coupon Code

Alfawise EX17S Sports Smart Watch

If you are looking for a cheap fitness tracker that is life changing, that will change your ways, improve it to a better you, and is ultimate ideal of combination of science and technology the Alfawise EX 17S Smartwatch is the product for you.

This smartwatch has its unique features and good news and thanks to for this COUPON CODE: GB0402s0 you can get this budget-friendly watch in a lesser price for only $16.99, codes valid until 5-13-2019.

Get this Alfawise Ex17S Smartwatch

This smartwatch is impressive, what you can expect, it’s very lightweight , the strap is made of silicone and diamond carbon coating for the case material, these made the whole smart watch light and comfortable enough even for long hours of wearing. It was designed with buttons on both sides of the dial that has specific uses for light, mode, reset and ST, aesthetically the smart watch is very sporty.

It features 1.22 inch FSTN full screen that has good quality screen display and visible even under plenty of sunlight. Its FSTN fun angle display, Electro Luminescent green content showing in dark background makes it convenient to see the time especially at night or dark circumstances.

The feature we like is the fact that it is easy to set up, with its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, you can easily connect this EX 17S smart watch with its mobile app and access multiple fitness tracker the apps offers. With this connectivity you won’t miss on anything from notifications of you apps in your mobile, a message and even a phone call, the smart watch will show all these reminder as long as it is connected via Bluetooth enable.

It can be also use as remote control function for your mobile camera. The shutter function has been extended to smart watches for taking photos on mobile phones within 10 meters. Connectivity is stable, fast and has 1 button for easy control of Bluetooth on/off.

It supports IP67 rating or up to 50 M professional waterproof level ensures swimming, surfing and diving, it’s the highest waterproof level for smart watch in smart wearables industry. Use it as an alarm which you can set 1 alarm cloud on the watch, while 3 alarm clouds can be set from phone APP, it will buzz to sound the alarm.

No need to charge for the watch the 610 mAh CR2450 Button battery because it has long standby time of 540 days or normally about 18 months. So checkout this awesome smart watch and use the coupon code mentioned to purchase it in a lesser price.

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