5 Best Hybrid Smartwatch 2021 – See Initial Review of its Features, Specs

Best Hybrid Smartwatch 2021

A full circular, full-color display is the trend right now, the same also for standalone smartwatch equipped with 4G SIM. These categories are equipped with the latest update on hardware and software. But despite their advanced features, they still have short battery life. With this issue, the hybrid smartwatch is the answer.

The battery section is where the hybrid smartwatch is known for, compared to traditional smartwatches, with just a few days or a week of battery life. A hybrid smartwatch lasts up to a month or years of battery life in just a single charge or replacement of its button battery.

What is a Hybrid Smartwatch?

By definition, a hybrid smartwatch is a combination of a traditional mechanical watch (analog), and a smart tech (smart hardware and software). A hybrid smartwatch usually tends to look like a traditional mechanical wristwatch but with smart technology on the inside.

Depending on the hybrid smartwatch connected features. It includes health sensors, motion sensors. It also provides notifications and other reminders. Different company has its own version of the hybrid smartwatch, some have a small screen behind the analog hands, others provide information through beeping sound, and vibration. But they all have one thing in common, they have a long battery life compared to a regular smartwatch.

Here are the lists of some of the best hybrid smartwatches in the market for 2021. See our list below, we have an initial review of its features as well as its specs.

5 Best Hybrid Smartwatch 2021

Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch

This smartwatch from Mondaine, is for those who are looking for a minimalist smartwatch, simple and with a much discrete way of tracking your activities. The Mondaine Helvetica smartwatch has a classic wristwatch look. In fact, looking at it, you can’t see any trace of a smartwatch tech on its design except for a small dial on it. The wearable doesn’t have an LCD screen to show, the status or even small LED light for notifications. It is just a regular analog face but underneath, there is smart technology.


The smartwatch is 44 mm in size, with stainless steel brushed case. It is simple, a classy regular-looking smartwatch in combination of genuine leather. To add beauty and durability, the smartwatch glass screen is sapphire crystal glass.

Features of Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch

The wearable when connected to the support app keeps track of the steps, monitoring your activity and helping you achieve your goals. It also keep track of your sleep, and shows your achievement and overall status of your goal. Overall, the smartwatch is waterproof up to 30 meters and with at least 2 years of battery life.

Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch Specifications

Dimension:44 mm x 13.2 mm

Body: Stainless Steel

Sensors: accelerometer

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 connection

Compatibility: with iOS and Android platform

Battery: 1 CR2 battery required

Waterproof Rating: 30 meters waterproof

Package Contents:

1 x Mondaine Helvetica Hybrid Watch

1 x User Manual

Garmin ViVoMove Luxe Smartwatch

One of the most elegant hybrid smartwatch from Garmin. The Garmin Vivomove Luxe smartwatch, it has a stainless steel watch case with a polished finish. Simple design bezel but still looking elegantly. The VivoMove Luxe smartwatch is compatible with .20 mm with quick-release pin. Pick from sporty silicon strap, leather of elegant milanese steel strap. With regards to Milanese steel strap, there is an option for gold color that looks good in combination with the 24K gold color VivoMove Luxe.


The main feature of the VivoMove Luxe is the hidden color display. When the smartwatch is in idle mode, the wearable AMOLED screen hides and blend with the watch. Looking like a regular wristwatch. Its color AMOLED display automatically activates when notifications arrive or purposely activated. Despite its analog feature, the wearable support touch screen operation.

Health Features Packed to VivoMove Luxe

The hybrid smartwatch is loaded with health features, this includes a wrist based heart rate. It monitos, and alerts you, if your HR is too high or too low while you are resting. The HR monitoring also provide data during your workout.

Another heath monitoring function is the body battery energy monitoring. It monitors energy level throughout the day. The wearable also has a stress tracking feature to help you balanced your activity by prompting you to have a short breathing activity when you are stress. There is also a sleep monitoring function, checking the light sleep, deep sleep as well as the REM sleep.

Of couse, as we all know, the Garmin has a comprehensive list of sports functions, the smartwatch comes with preloaded sports apps. There is also an automatic fitness tracking, monitoring the steps, calories even the floors climbed. It is also equipped with notifications, calls, messages, social app support.

Garmin VivoMove Luxe Specifications


Dimension:42 x 42 x 11.9 mm

Body: Stainless Steel

Sensors: barometric altimeter, heart rate monitor, ambient light sensor, pulse blood oxygen saturation monitor

Display: AMOLED, 0.95″ x 0.74″ (24.1 mm x 18.7 mm)

Bluetooth: Bluetooth® Smart and ANT+®

Compatibility: with iOS and Android platform.

Battery: Smartwatch mode: up to 5 days, Watch mode: up to 1 additional week

Waterproof Rating: 50 meters waterproof

Package Contents:

1 x Garmin VivoMove Luxe Smart Watch

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

Fossil Hybrid HR Smartwatch

Fossil is one of the most popular brand when it comes to Wear OS smartwatches. Its hybrid smartwatch is also one of the top favorites due to its classy look but still in the affordable range.

One of the popular wearable is the Fossil Hybrid HR. The wearable is available in rugged sporty look and a simple classy feminine look. Regarding its design, the wearable hasn obvious analog watch hands, three physical buttons on the side for operation. Beautiful classy design, and accompanied by a sporty silicon watch strap or premium leather strap.


The Fossil hybrid HR smartwatch has an LCD screen display. Its screen display is monochrome providing notifications for steps, heart rate, weather as well as date.

Features of the Fossil Hybrid HR smartwatch

Smart Notifications

Receive alerts on calls, and despite that there is analog hands, blocking the information. Just shake your smartwatch and the hands will temporarily move to show you the data behind the analog hands. It also supports social app messages supporting popular apps.

Sport and Activity Tracking

The smartwatch is also equipped with sports tracking. Tracking your steps, calories, and distance. It is also equipped with sports functions to keep you fit. Other features included in the smartwatch are controlled your music function, preloaded watch faces, app alerts, alarm clock, calendar, and more.

Fossil Hybrid HR Specifications

Body: Stainless Steel

Dimension:44 mm

Memory: 16 MB

Sensors: Accelerometer, Heart Rate

Display: 42 mm display

Bluetooth: Bluetooth Smart Enabled / 5.0 Low Energy

Compatibility: Android™ 5.0+, iOS 12.0+

Battery: Several Weeks of Battery Life

Waterproof Rating: 3 ATM

Package Contents:

1 x Fossil Hybrid HR Smartwatch

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

Frederique Constant Smartwatch – Gents Vitality

If you want a cleaner look, simple yet still has that elegant look. Check one of the Frederique Constant wearable, the Frederique Constant Smartwatch Gents Vitality. The wearable has a minimalist look, a polished stainless steel body measuring 42 mm.

The smartwatch has that classic look, an analog hand polished silver and black minute, and hour hands. Overlaying on the classic dial with a Roman numeral. It has a single crown button that works more than just a power button. The crown button by the way has a special function to navigate and shows the menu of the smartwatch.


For the strap, it is available in black rubber strap and an office type look, stainless steel strap. Regarding the dial, the smartwatch has a small digital display, it shows the status of the notification such as steps, heart rate, and more. It blends with the overall look of the wearable, looking like a classic wristwatch. On top of that is a convex Sapphire Crystal glass adding sophistication to the smartwatch.

Features of Frederique Constant Smartwatch

With its Frederique Constant Smartwatch app, the wearable brings a variety of functionality to the wearable. According to the product page, the smartwatch has an integrated sensor by Philips Wearable Sensing for its heart rate monitoring. The wearable provides basic notifications, call and messages, there is also a sleep monitoring, it also keep track of heart rate, your steps with calories and distance. Regarding its notifications, you can see at least the last five messages from your smartphone.

Frederique Constant Smartwatch Specifications

Sensors: motion sensor, heart rate sensor

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 connection

Compatibility: with iOS and Android platform.

Waterproof Rating: 50 meters waterproof

Package Contents:

1 x Frederique Constant Smartwatch

1 x User Manual

Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch

Here is one of the very first hybrid smartwatch in the market, the Withings Steel HR smartwatch. It is a classy sporty smartwatch from Withings. Similar to Garmin hybrid smartwatch, the wearable has an analog design to tell time, a simple watch faces, on that metal body case. It comes with an interchangeable premium leather strap. But there is also an option for nylon straps as well as steel strap such as classic stainless steel and milanese steel strap.

There is also a digital screen, a small circular monochrome display. It provides notifications, call, messages, health and activity tracking.

Features of the Withings Steel HR Sport

The Withings Steel HR has several health monitoring sensors. It has wrist-based heart rate monitoring, it monitors your heart anytime with the option for continuous heart rate monitoring. It is also equipped with sleep monitoring checking the light sleep, deep sleep as well as sleep duration. With the sport, it also monitors the VO2 Max, a function that is available in sport only.

For its activity tracking, the wearable monitors the steps, distance, as well as calories. It also provides a recap of your duration and distance in the app.


If you are into sports, the wearable is equipped with at least 30 sports mode. It has badminton, baseball, basketball, bike, BMX, body board, boxing, climbing, dance, elliptical, fencing, fitness, football, frisbee, golf, handball, hike and more. It also supports connected GPS for map trajectory. Receive real-time notifications, on the small screen. Get notified with the text, calls, and reminders.

The smartwatch works with Strava as well as Apple Health if you want to synchronize your data with the app.

Withings Steel HR Sport Specifications

Dimension:39 mm x 13 mm

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate monitor

Display: 1.4” inch OLED, 72 x 36 pixels

Bluetooth: Bluetooth Low Energy

Compatibility: with iOS and Android platform.

Battery: 25 days battery life

Waterproof Rating: Up to 50 meters

Package Contents:

1 x Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

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