Nixon Mission Smartwatch Built for Tough Mission

Is your rugged smartwatch not that rugged? Can’t find one that is suited for your extreme sports? The search is over as finally a company was able to make a truly rugged smartwatch, not just in looks but in overall make of the smartwatch.


Introducing the Nixon Mission smartwatch, the watch is designed for surfers and snowboarders, it’s a waterproof, rust proof and can withstand cold temperature, bumps and bangs that is related to your sport activities. The watch is protected by a polycarbonate frame and stainless steel with Gorilla glass. Its thick, it’s big and it’s waterproof up to 100 meters making it ideal for swimmers.

It runs AndroidWear powered by the latest microprocessor from Qualcomm, the SnapDragon 2100.  The watch is rugged packed with sensors such as altimeter, thermometer, GPS, barometer, e-compass, gyrometer, accelerometer and humidity sensor. It is really an ideal smartwatch for extreme sports and packed with features and variety of customization options. See our specification section for more details.



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