Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Frontier Unveiled

Finally Samsung Gear S3 is here and it comes into two appetizing flavors, the Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. Both has a stainless steel body, IP68 water resistance and compatible with .22 mm strap.

Samsung Gear S3

The Samsung Gear S3 still has the design footprint of the Gear S2 classic, but much bigger, it has a 46 mm body compared to Gear S2’s 42mm while with the thickness also pumps up to 12.9 mm, this might due to the upgraded specs of the Gear S3 especially on the battery side. Talking about the battery life, there is a significant change compared to Gear S2’s one day battery life, according to Samsung the Samsung Gear S3 can run up to 4 days in a single charge, but we are still skeptic on this as maybe Samsung just measured the battery life based on the watch mode only with all the sensors turned off, yes 380 mAh battery is a big upgrade compared to S2’s 300 mAh, but remember that Samsung also added more sensors and upgraded its hardware, so there is a huge possibility is more power hungry.

We almost forgot the display of the Samsung Gear S3, is 1.3 inch with a 360 x 360 display resolution offering vibrant and high definition display similar to the Gear S2, with touch screen functionality and rotating bezel to navigate. Sensors include GPS, barometer, HRM, ambient light sensor. It will be available through Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. As you can see there is little change on the physical looks, Samsung stick with its design philosophy that made the Samsung Gear S2 popular, but under the hood it’s a different area, better specs, better features.

Anyways know more about its specs and features on our device specs page.


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