FCUK Series 2 Smartwatch – Review of Features

FCUK Series 2 Smartwatch – Review of Features

Check this popular sporty wearable, it’s the FCUK Series 2 smartwatch. The wearable has a sporty, trendy design. Obviously, it is a copycat of a sporty smartwatch. Here are the details on the FCUK Series 2 Smartwatch. See the initial review on its specifications, and features.


The smartwatch has a metal body available in different color options. Sleek, trendy metallic with sporty, silicon watch strap. The wearable has a single physical button that work as a home/power button. It is a regular size smartwatch that is light, durable, and with IP67 waterproof rating.


For the screen display, the wearable has a rectangular screen display. A 1.69” inch TFT LCD screen display with full touch screen support. It has a high-definition screen display having a 240 x 280 pixel resolution. Sharp, crisp, screen display with a 2.5D tempered glass on top.

Features of FCUK Series 2 Smartwatch

One of the main features of FCUK Series 2 smartwatch is the Bluetooth call feature. It has a built-in mic and speaker. It supports dial keys, call and support as well as Phonebook. With the function, you can initiate calls directly in the wearable, hands-free.

Health Functions

The wearable series 2 smartwatch is equipped with several sensors. It has heart rate monitoring, blood pressure as well as blood oxygen monitoring. Its HR has a 24/7 heart rate monitoring, checking your HR anytime, with details in the support app.

Sports Tracking

Equipped with 3 axis motion sensor, the wearable has running, walking, skipping, cycling, and climbing, as well as other sport functions. Monitor your steps, calories, as well as distance.

Built-in Games

Don’t get bored with your dead time, the series 2 smartwatch has at least 2 built-in games. Play in your wearable with these simple fun games.

Additional Functions

Functions included are alarm, stopwatch, timer, sleep monitoring, and more

FCUK Series 2 Smartwatch Specifications

Brand: FCUK

Model: FCUK007

Display: 1.69” inch TFT LCD, 240 x 280 pixels

Sensors:g-sensor, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure, and blood oyxgen monitoring

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Battery: 15 Days battery life

Compatibility: Android and iOS

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