Sony FES Watch U E-Ink Display Brings New Idea to Smartwatches

Sony continue its campaign for its smartwatch, the watch called FES Watch U features and e-ink display and currently looking for support at a crowdfunding website in Japan.  The watch is back with additional designs, at least 12 fashionable design is available for FES Watch U.

FES Watch U Smartwatch

The watch took a different approach in designing a watch, in a traditional smartwatch like Pebble, Android Wear, Tizen we are used to changing the look of the watch by giving it a more trendy watch face, depends on our mood and change its watch strap just to fit it in your attire. In FES Watch U, it’s not just the watch face that change, but the overall watch strap, yes no need to interchange the watch strap to other third party watch bands, you can make the watch strap and watch face in uniform by selecting a button, it’s a pretty neat idea and brings new idea in the world of smartwatches.

By operating a button, you can change the design of the dial and the belt at any time.
Design variation at the time of purchase is scheduled for ways 12.

So far this bright idea is only available in Japan, no words yet from Sony if the Sony FES Watch U will be available also in other countries particularly in the U.S


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