[Review] Makibes EX18 Smartwatch – Sport, Classy Smartwatch

This smartwatch is for those who are looking for a smartwatch with non-intrusive way of providing notifications and with long battery life, Makibes got a new wearable with these features, introducing the Makibes EX18 smartwatch.

Aside from simple notifications, it has a power saving display, sporty and with a year of battery life. If you want to know more about the device, please read our feature by feature review on the Makibes EX18 smartwatch.

Design and Display

If you are a fan of Makibes, I’m pretty sure you are familiar with the popular Makibes EX16 smartwatch, it is a rugged smartwatch built for outdoor sport. It is also popular due to its long standby time, with up to 1 year of battery life. But some smartwatch fans want a slimmer version of the EX16, a casual style that can wear in outdoor or office. I guess the answer is the Makibes EX18 smartwatch, a slim version of the Makibes EX16.

Silicon Strap with Stainless Steel Buckle

Although there is a huge reduction on its size, still it has a sporty look with glossy steel body, and a soft silicon band with stainless steel buckle. The band is interchangeable, unlike the EX16 that has a fixed strap. I like the design of the Makibes EX18, it is more casual/sporty yet classy look, and the glossy black color makes it more appealing making it look premium, but if you are not a fan of black, a stainless steel version is also available.

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Well for the display, it is just the same with the EX16, having the power saver FSTN display, a 1.1 inch screen that has a great viewing angle, it is viewable outdoors even in direct sunlight. During daylight the screen is clear and crisp, but it suffers at night, it is impossible to read, with this Makibes add a simple but clever idea, just press the light button to activate the backlight and it will illuminate the screen for several seconds allowing you to check the time and other details.

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How the Makibes EX18 Notification Works

The Makibes EX18 is different from the smartwatch that you are used to have, instead of a text display the EX18 provide notifications by blinking icons and beeps. It might not provide a much detailed information, but it’s enough to notify you that someone is calling or sending a message, it is great way of notifying you in a non-intrusive way.

Sport and Fitness Features

Physical Buttons on the EX18

Although navigating your EX18 is by manually pressing the physical buttons (note: Makibes EX18 don’t have a touch screen support), other functions do automatically monitor and calculates. The main buttons for cycling through the list of features is the “Mode” button press it to navigate to calendar, pedometer, calorie counter, distance counter, alarm, timer. Switching through different mode is easy and fast, the buttons on the smartwatch is very responsive so far.

Regarding the button, the Mode has the main function and most of the time it’s the button that you need to press to cycle on its features and of course the Light/Bluetooth button at night and to connect to smartwatch, while the reset, start buttons is just used in combination with the “Mode” to adjust the settings of the watch.

Battery Life

This section is the best-selling feature of the Makibes EX18, instead of using a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, the EX18 uses a CR2032 replaceable Maxwell button battery. No need to worry of charging your watch every other day. The EX18 has a standby time of up to 1 year, if it run out of juice, just go to the nearest watch repair store and have it replace for just a few bucks.


The smartwatch has its own pro’s and con’s, the device scores high on battery life as well as design. But for those who are looking for a fancy color display smartwatch with detailed notifications similar to Android based smartwatches, the EX18 will not suit you.

The Makibes EX18 5 ATM waterproof rating, as well as fitness and health sensors and long battery life makes the device the best partner for outdoor activities, especially if you are having an outdoor adventure for several days, where electricity is not an option. Right now the price of Makibes EX18 ranges from $15-$20 dollars making it affordable, it might not have full features but it got the basics that you need.

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