[Problem] Fitbit Ionic WIFI and Bluetooth Connection Issue

Fitbit Ionic is out in the market and so far, it received mixed review but mostly it’s positive. It’s a wearable that is a combination of a smartband and fitness tracker. But just like other smartwatches, the device isn’t 100% perfect, it has some issues like bugs, connection and synchronization issues.

Several weeks ago, we tackled here the steps on how to factory reset or restart your Fitbit Ionic, just in case something goes wrong with your device.

Just days after the Fitbit Ionic is out in the market, some of the issues that has been brought up by users is the problem with WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity, users are complaining about the connection as well as the synchronization. So, what is the solution on this common problem with Fitbit Ionic? Well here are some solutions that may actually work.

Basic Steps in Adding WIFI to your Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

  1. Add Network
  2. Search and Select the Chose Network
  3. After Successfully selecting the network…
  4. Go to your smartwatch Settings, select WIFI settings, tap the network that you recently added and tap connect.

Take Note:

Ionic cannot connect to WPA enterprise, or public networks that require logins, subscriptions

Here are some Problems encountered by Fitbit Ionic users regarding WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity and syncing issues.

  • WIFI keeps on disconnecting, it doesn’t stay long enough
  • Unable to connect or it takes several times and hours to connect and sync
  • Bluetooth keeps on disconnecting
  • Unable to perform firmware update or having a very slow update


Regarding the issues, here are the SOLUTIONS tried by frustrated Fitbit Ionic users, some solution work for them some did not.

  • Factory reset or just soft reset of Fitbit Ionic, several times . See our tutorial
  • Removing another Bluetooth or WIFI device connected to phone or router
  • Restarting the phone
  • Removing the Firewall
  • Change and connect to a 2.4 Ghz instead of a 5 Ghz WIFI connection
  • Downloading the current and updated Fibit App

Our Take: Based on the numbers of users who encountered the issue, seems like this problem is not isolated and Fitbit should do something about it fast. Some Fitbit Ionic users has already given up and returned their Ionic, others still cling for a bit of hope, asking the customer service but still failed to get a clear explanation and solution on what causing the issues.  For other Fitbit Ionic users, please feel free to comment below and state some issues and solutions here to help other Fitbit Ionic users.

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