POMO WAFFLE – All in One GPS Smartwatch for Kids

Crowfunding has provided us with amazing products for kids in the wearable section this year, several smartwatches for kids has been successfully funded. The technology is still young in this area, yet we have seen amazing products, which helped parents keep their kids safe and sound.

As the technology mature, several wearables for kids integrated with different safety features for kids is offered in the market, one of the products in this category is the POMO WAFFLE.


It is an all in one smartwatch for kids, it is not just all about safety and security by also teaching independence for kids as well as creativity. Talking about independence, the smartwatch has a scheduler feature, parents can create task and reminders easily, it is also integrated with alarm clock making it sure they will be reminded when it’s time to do something.

POMO WAFFLE – All in One GPS Smartwatch the brings safety and peace of mind for both parents and kids

Well for the safety and security of you kids, it has an integrated GPS allowing the parent to track your kids with its smart locator feature. If something goes wrong, the kid can also activate the SOS option, it automatically calls predefined contacts set by the parents, if the first option is not answering, it will call the next one on the list and so on. Another security feature that is very crucial to kids safety, is the security fence, the safe zone option alerts the parents when your child leaves a safe zone that has been set by the parents.


The “Take Me Home” feature is also added to the smartwatch, it provides direction when they are lost, it’s like a mapping app mix with turn by turn navigation to provide your child directions that can be easily understand by the child. Other features of the watch are personalization option, voice messaging and emoticons, exercise trainer and group chat.  As I have said the POMO WAFFLE is like an all in one smartwatch for kids. To learn more about the smartwatch check out the crowdfunding of the POMO WAFFLE Smartwatch for kids at kickstarter.com

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