No.1 Teased the No.1 D9 Android Smartwatch with Clear and Crisp Photos

Right now No.1 is busy with its latest smartband, the No.1 F4 fitness tracker, the fitness band has several amazing features like interchangeable bands, waterproof and loaded with several cool looking watch faces.

The No.1 F4 is already in the market, it is currently on a presale at different shopping sites, and, if you are looking for a fitness band, this one is a good one to pick.

Anyways, No.1 silently teased the upcoming Android based smartwatch on its latest tweet, with the No.1 D9 smartwatch,  the company decided with a square design for the D9, it is one of the newest and few square smartwatch design in the market running Android. If you have notice, for the past several months, most of the manufacturers chose to go with a much popular circular design.

Based on the images, the No.1 D9 has a stainless steel strap similar to a regular wrist watch. While for the body it is possible that is it made from PC or steel alloy. The photos also showed that the No.1 D9 is a smartwatch phone with its nano SIM feature, it is also equipped with a heart rate monitor.


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