Misfit Flare a Budget Fitness Tracker – Price, Specs Released Date

Misfit continuous to evolve in the smartwatch section by bringing new wearables in the market. They also ventured in producing affordable fitness tracker with simple looks and focuses more on just one area and that is fitness and health.

After the somewhat affordable Misfit Shine and Misfit Array, Misfit goes with a more cheaper fitness tracker with the Misfit Flare, it is almost half the price compared to the fitness tracker that we already mentioned. The wearable is simple but loeaded with health and fitness only features and only cost $60 dollars. The Misfit Pace has pedometer, distance calculator, calorie counter and other health and fitness options that you can check on the Misfit support app, activities like activities like soccer, yoga, swimming, and more.

It has a simple elegant look with its aluminum case and a capacitive touch sensor, a small LED that illuminates and notifies you about your activity. The Misfit Flare is also waterproof with up to 5 ATM. Due to its optimized functionality, the Misfit Flare can survive without the need of charging for up to 6 months, it uses a Panasonic CR1632 coin cell to power the wearable.

So far the Misfit Flare might attract budget conscious fitness fanatics who are looking for fitness only band, if might not enough for some that is already used to a fitness band/watch combination, but the Flare will surely lure buyers looking for the budget price fitness wearable. If you are interested the fitness tracker is now available for a pre-order at Misfit.com website


Misfit Flare Material: Aluminum

Sport Band Material: TPU

Display: White LED /Multi-color LEDs

Water Resistance: Up to 5 ATM

Capacitive Touch-Sensor: Yes

Vibrating Feedback & Alarms: Yes

Watch Function (Clock): No

Smart Button Function: Yes, using the Link App

Sensor: 3-axis accelerometer and magnetometer

Measures: Steps, Calories Burned, Distance, Activity Types, Sleep Quality and Duration

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