MGCOOL Band 2 a Contender for the Best Affordable Smartband


Let’s face it smartband is the one that contributes the most in the wearable industry; it’s the wearable that fuels the growth of wearable in the market. As people becomes fitness and health savvy, the sales for fitness band also increases, in today’s era consumers want an affordable smartband that fits their budget, not only affordable but also a fully feature fitness band.


Well Xiaomi was able to capitalized on this with its Xiaomi Mi Band 2, an affordable features packed smartband, and it was a success. The Mi Band 2 is over a year old, it’s time to have a new improved and featured pack smartband. We have seen several companies released a smartband to compete with the Mi Band 2 but only few has the specs and features to topple Xiaomi Mi Band 2 in its position. If you are looking for one, you might want to check out the MGCOOL Band 2, a wearable that looks great on the outside as well as the inside, watch out the number 1 position of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 might soon come to an end…

Its seamless curve design connecting the large display to its silicon strap, makes it one of the best looking smartband in the market


The company behind MGCOOL Band 2 combined different features that fans are looking for a smart band, the MGCOOL is a waterproof fitness band with a large screen display, a 0.66” inch OLED display able to show clear and more information on your wrist loaded with fitness features.


Design wise, it’s one of the best looking smartband in the market so far, the smartband has a curve design including the screen, the design is somewhat similar to the Microsoft band 2. It looks sleek with its seamless design connecting the display to its silicon strap. Features and function of the smartwatch includes pedometer with distance counter, heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, hydration alarm and other notifications such as message reminder and call reminder.

Going back to its waterproof feature, it is IP67 waterproof, that according to the company you will be able to use the smartband even in water like washing your hands, taking a bath or swimming. Anyways we will give you more updated on the smartband as well as in-depth review once we have our hands on this cool smartband “MGCOOL Band 2“, so stay tuned.

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