Martian Notifier Hybrid Smartwatch On Sale!

It’s not good for the 2nd half of 2016 for smartwatch world, according to the report there is a 50% decline in sales, a bad news for smartwatch manufacturers. But this deal for Martian Notifier is certainly the best news so far, great news for those who are looking for a hybrid smartwatch who don’t want to spend too much.


Its 76% off! that is crazy right? You might think that you are just wasting money due to the crazy drop in price, you say it might lack features, low specs that you want to have in your smartwatch etc. etc. Well Martian Notifier if you are not familiar with it is one of the best hybrid smartwatch in the market, it is a simple watch that provide notifications in a simple and effective manner. Other features of the watch includes caller ID, SMS whether, calendar, wireless connection via Bluetooth, app notifications, alarms and other stuff that you will surely love. Due to its small power saving screen, the watch can run for seven days in a single charge. See full specs here.

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  • App Notifications
  • Customizable Vibration
  • Camera Remote Trigger
  • Silent Alarms
  • Phone Leash
  • Find Phone
  • Digital World Clock
  • Local Weather

The deal on Martian Notifier is only in a limited time, if you are planning to get one, well now is the time.



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