[Download] LG Watch Sport User Manual (LG-W280A).PDF

If you are planning to get the LG Watch Sport, or if you already have one, I guess the next step is to learn more about your smartwatch. The user manual is available to download here at www.smartwatchspecifications.com.

The user manual of LG Watch Sport is 60+ pages of guide on how to get started with your smartwatch, there is also some information on trouble shooting as well as basic app installation and safety tips. Instructions in pairing your LG watch sport with smartwatch, using Google Assistant and installing a SIM Card.

It is a comprehensive user manual that is available for download, it is a PDF format so now worries about making it compatible with your device.

Check out the complete table of contents below of the LG Watch Sport User Manual/User Guide, see also the link below if you want to download the user manual.


Basic Functions

  • Accessories
  • Watch Overview
  • Charging Your Watch
  • Using the battery efficiently
  • If the Screen Freezes
  • Replacing the SIM Card
  • Turning the Watch On and Off
  • Waking Your Watch Up
  • Dimming the Screen
  • Using the Touch Screen
  • Meet your Google Assistant
  • Getting help from your
  • Google Assistant on Your Watch
  • Taking or Viewing a Note
  • Setting a Reminder
  • Seeing Your Step Count
  • Using the Heart Rate Sensor
  • Sending a Text
  • Sending and Reading Email
  • Setting a Timer
  • Using the Stopwatch
  • Setting an Alarm
  • Managing Your Alarms
  • How to Use Your Watch
  • Home screen
  • Changing the Watch Face
  • Notification Cards
  • Managing the Quick Settings
  • Apps Screen
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call
  • Android Pay
  • Google Fit
  • Opening the Apps Installed On
  • Your Watch
  • Downloading Other Apps

  • Opening the Settings Menu
  • Display
  • Sound & notifications
  • Apps
  • Gestures
  • Connectivity
  • Accessibility
  • Personalization
  • System
Connecting the Watch to Your Companion Device

  • Setting Up Your Companion Device
  • Pairing Your LG Watch Sport with Your Companion Device (smartwatch)
  • Connecting to Another Companion Device
More Information

  • Open Source Software Notice
  • Information
  • Trademarks
  • Regulatory Information (FCC ID number, etc.)
  • How to Update Your Device
  • Safety Information
  • Safety Tips
  • General Safety & Handling

Download the User Manual here

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