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If you own a Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, I’m pretty sure you are excited to wear it right away and test its sensors and other fitness features. Fitbit Ionic’s feature is promising so far, the smartwatch has new and upgraded feature that we have seen in the Fitbit Blaze.

Fitbit made it sure that the smartwatch will bring new and exciting feature to the fans, the recent addition is the partnership with Dexcom, this is to bring new glucose monitoring on the Ionic, I’m pretty sure that this is just one of the first many ventures of Fitbit to make the Ionic and future Fitbit devices an icon when it comes to smart wearables.

Anyways, Fitbit Ionic has a lot of features and options, learning each feature take some time especially on the multi-sport feature of the fitness tracker. Shorten your learning curve by reading the user manual of the Ionic. The user manual tackles the different options, health and fitness features of the Ionic. It is a 74-page manual providing the information and help to let your get more out of your Fitbit or fix some minor issues that you are experiencing with your Fitbit Ionic.

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Check out some of the information on the table of contents below for the Fitbit Ionic user manual

Table of Contents

  • Set up Fitbit Ionic
  • Set up with your phone or tablet
  • Set up with your Windows 10 PC
  • Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Sync data to your Fitbit account
  • Wear Ionic    Placement for all-day wear vs exercise
  • Adjust settings
  • Access Shortcuts
  • Wake on wrist turn
  • Turn notifications on or off
  • Turn on device lock
  • Change the wristband
  • Shortcuts to Fitbit Pay, music control, and notifications
  • Shortcuts to your favorite apps
  • Automatic Tracking
  • Track your exercise automatically
  • Adjust the Heart Rate
  • Set up notifications
  • Default heart-rate zones
  • Download music and podcasts with your Windows 10 PC
  • Download music and podcasts with your Mac
  • Fitbit Pay

TroubleShooting Page for Ionic

  • Firmware Updates for Fitbit Ionic
  • Troubleshooting Fitbit Ionic
  • Heart-rate signal missing
  • GPS signal missing on Fitbit Ionic
  • Factory Reset

If you want a .PDF fie of the Fitbit Ionic, we have a download link below of the Fitbit Ionic for user manual in the Fitbit page, just in case that the official page for user manual is not accessible. Check each separate download page below.

Fitbit Ionic User Manual Download Page

Fitbit Ionic User Manual Download Link 2


Fitbit Ionic Tips and Tricks

Access to your Favorite Apps fast with buttons on the Ionic

On your Fitbit Ionic, press the buttons for quick access to your favorite apps. Please remember that to be able to access the app shortcut your Fitbit Ionic should be on the clock screen mode.

Reorder Apps on your Fitbit Ionic

Reordering apps is a must to access it fast, to reorder apps, press and hold an app on Ionic until it’s selected, hold it while dragging it to the new location.

Short-Cut to Fitbit Pay

Press and hold the buttons (left button for several seconds) on Ionic for a faster way to use Fitbit Pay, if you want to use Fitbit Pay, press and hold the back button. Please take note that to be able to use the Fitbit Pay, you have to update the setting on the Wallet section of the Fitbit app,  add at least 1 credit or debit card to the Wallet settings of the Fitbit App.


more updates coming soon… stay tuned..

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