[Deal Alert] Gearbest Super Bumper Harvest SALE includes Smartwatches!

One of the leading online shopping site is having a huge SALE! On its variety of products, including wearables such as smartwatches and smartbands. Yes, it includes your favorite smartwatches on the upcoming “Gearbest Super Bumper Harvest SALE!!”.

Watch out as we will be providing details on deals for smartwatches and smartbands!

The event will start on September 6, 2017 and will end on September 18, 2017, it is almost two weeks of deals and giveaways for the avid fans of Gearbest.com

During the Harvest sale, there are at least four events to watch out for, the PREHEAT, AUTUMN HARVEST PARTY, FALL SCAVENGER HUNT (our favorite) and the Gold Fruit Train.


This is an early access for early shoppers who want to grab discounts right away. There are several great deals that awaits you on the PreHeat event.

Deal Promo includes:

Group Store Deals – more share, the lower the price of the product

Lucky Bags – Buy a secret lucky bag and get free gifts

Shopping Lists

Bumper Brands

Hurry! Remember the early bird catches the early deals, I mean worms!

Event Schedule: 9/6/17 – 9/11/17

Check out the PreHeat Page here


This is the main event of the Gearbest.com Super Bumper Sale! If you want more discounts, this is the event to join, according to Gearbest.com up to 80% OFF with Extra Paypal discounts, Full Flash Sale, Massive Brand Storm, Addons and Cool Fashion.

If you are a new member you will get $3 OFF when you purchase using Paypal, this is for purchases with the price of $50 dollars and above on Gearbest.com website.

$5 OFF on purchases $40 dollars and above on Gearbest.com app using Paypal to purchase.

Remember the offer is on limited time period only, check the Gearbest.com website for more details.

Visit the Main Event page here



This is our favorite part of the two week deal for September, join the games and receive prizes. It is over 2000 prizes to be given away, different amazing products from popular mobile brands is ready for the taking on this years FALL SCAVENGER HUNT.

Visit the Game Section here for Prize and Coupon Discounts


Win the XIAOMI 5 and other tech products. The prize and deal is daily so watch out for the Gold Fruit Train, visit the Gold Fruit Train page for more details.

If you want discounts to a specific product, check out the coupon deal page here https://www.gearbest.com/promotion-coupon-off-special-829.html

Again, in the course of the Gearbest Super Bumper Harvest Sale, we will be providing updates on the smartwatch deals and smartband that is on huge deal at Gearbest.com, so visit this page daily for more details.


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