CMRA Adds Camera Functionality to your Apple Watch

I think camera on smartwatches is just a gimmick, but still manufacturers are making smartwatches integrated with camera catering to the small portion of the smartwatch fans who want a smartwatch with camera features.


Well Apple fans did not have that opportunity to experience a camera feature in Apple watch, as Apple already killed the idea of adding a camera on its wearables even before they released the first generation Apple watch.


But of course there are Apple Watch users wishing that it could have one, well the wish is granted as CMRA created a watch band with a built in camera, now Apple Watches will have a camera functionality not one but two cameras. The band looks like the first generation Samsung Gear. The 2 MP camera facing up is for selfie or video calls, while the outward facing is for capturing images and videos of moments you want to capture.

Below are the Features:

  • 2 HD Cameras: Outward-facing 8MP, self-facing 2MP Sony sensors
  • Icon for Video on CMRA for Apple Watch
  • HD Video Quality
  • Capture crisp, high quality videos in a tap
  • Icon for Battery on CMRA for Apple Watch
  • Capture 100s of photos or ~30min of video per charge




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