Best Watch Face for Amazfit Pace Smartwatch to Download

Amazfit Pace, I think it is one of the best looking, feature rich affordable smartwatch in the market, not yet to mention the amazing battery life on this device. The Amazfit Pace is one of my top 5 go to smartwatch, it has a great battery life, amazing low power consumption display (always on) and the price is also affordable.

The Amazfit Pace smartwatch features multi-sport mode, Outdoor/Indoor Run, Trail Run, Walk, Outdoor/Indoor Bike, Elliptical. It also includes a built in GPS, heart rate monitor and variety of sensors.  It can also receive calls, texts, emails, and app notifications.

See more information about the smartwatch at Amazfit website, or check its full specifications here.

Amazfit provided several updates, this 2017 they provided updates on the smartwatch adding new features and options to the device. But one section of the Amazfit Pace that is lacking some updates, that is the watch face section. Correct me if I’m wrong, since its released Amazfit only added a few watch faces to the preloaded watch faces on the support app, don’t get me wrong, they are quality watch faces but it’s not enough, just like other fans, we want more.

I guess fans are tired of waiting and want more creative watch faces for their Pace, with this developers and fans find ways to add and create watch faces for the Amazfit Pace. Well, we search the net for the best looking Amazfit Pace watch faces, and we found some cool looking designs, contributed by fans here, are some of the best so far in the list of downloadable watch faces. If you want to know on how to install these watch faces please feel free to read our tutorial on this.

Minimal Watch Face by Son TD

Shared by a certain Facebook user Son TD (see Facebook profile), Son TD’s Amazfit Pace watch face, is so simple, clean, applying a minimalistic approach. The watch face has a dark background and a white font, the design is simple and clean and would surely attract those who would love a minimalistic design for a watch face.

Download the Minimal Watch Face Here

White Face

If you are a fan of a minimal design but would rather have the white background instead of a popular dark color, like the above watch face. This White Face is a must have for you; similar to Minimal it has a clean design, just numbers and seconds markings. It is a light design without so much unnecessary details.

Download the White Face here

Mickey Mouse Watch Face

We have seen this device in almost every popular smartwatch in the market, from Android Wear wearable, Gear Series to Apple Watch series, to Android based smartwatches. Mickey Mouse watch face, it is one of the top pick by fans when collecting different watch faces. It’s a beautiful character of Mickey mouse with its arms and hands pointing to the time, moving and work as the hour and minute hand.

Download the Apple Watch version of Mickey Mouse watch face


Classic Mickey Mouse Watch Face

Here is another version of a Mickey Mouse watch face, if you are not a fan of a modern mickey mouse watch face, we have here the Classic design, still the same with modern version, the arms and hands move pointing to the current time. The only difference between the two designs is that the Classic Mickey mouse has a vintage taste and look, a perfect watch face for those who do have an old soul.

Classic Design Mickey Mouse watch Face

Professional Looking Watch Faces with Brand Logo

Below are two HD watch faces with copycat look of a popular watch, if you want a smartwatch with a classic design watch face as well as mimicking a popular brand of a wrist watch. Check out the list below:

Breitling Watch Face

I’m pretty sure you dreamed of having the Breitling wrist watch that cost a fortune, the Breitling watches is one of the most expensive, luxury watch that cost several thousands of dollars. Yes it’s expensive, but for some who have this watch, it is a status symbol. But for some, I included having it will be just a dream. The solution, a Breitling watch face, an HD watch face, downloading it to your Amazfit Pace is the closest you can get. Download the classic Breitling design watch face, clean, elegant and professional looking Breitling watch face.

Download the Breitling Watch Face here

Fossil 4656 Watch Face

Another branded copycat watch face, the Fossil 4656 watch face has a professional cool look to it, have that Fossil style smartwatch with this watch face. There are three data on the watch face aside from time, the steps taken, the distance as well as the battery stats.

Download the Fossil Watch Face here

Mod2 Watch Face

If you want a more futuristic approach in your watch face, more masculine, more digital, this Digital Mod2 watch face is a perfect design for you. The design has a futuristic feel; it has weather, steps, time and date. It looks nice and very manly, love the digital futuristic feel of it.

Download the Digital Design watch face here

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