Best No.1 D5, D5+ Clock Skins – Free Custom Watch Faces Download

Yesterday we talked about the best watch faces for KingWear wearables; this time we will focus on the no.1 smartwatches, particularly the D5 and the newest D5+ smartwatches.

Here at we will give you the best clock skin and watch faces available for No.1 smartwatches. As we all know the No.1 D5 smartwatch comes with its own watchfaces, the collections are great, nice graphics, nice designs, but the availability of different watch faces/clock skin did not stop developers and users from creating their own watch faces to install in the No.1 D5, customizing the watch face of your watch is like having your own style, your own personality.

But of course every procedure in changing the clock skin comes without issues, so always make it sure that you read and have a back up plan to restore your watch in its factory set-up before setting up a custom clock skin. See step by step tutorial below as well as video tutorial.

See our best pick below for the Clock Skins

Gérald Genta Mickey Mouse Clock Skin


Shared by MdH Smartwatch, a nice Mickey Mouse Clock Skin perfect for those who are fan of Walt Disney Characters.

Download the Clock Skin here

Futuristic/Speedometer Car Concept


This one got no name, but the design is somewhat inspired by a speedometer in a car, like the color as well as the detailed information on the clock skin, shared by Vincent Nguyen

Download the Clock Skin here

NGHT-WTCH77 Clock Skin


Designed by Tim Costello, a mixed of analogue & digital, with a military, chrono vibe.

Features include: Battery dial, Calendar dial, Counting second dial and Flashing second LEDs

If you love the skin and feels generous feel free to donate here

Download the Clock Skin here

Fossil Mechanical Nate Hand-wound Mechanical Homage


Designed by Julian C the watch face is inspired by Fossil mechanical watches, meticulously designed and added great detailed graphics

Radar Clock Skin


Created by Jan Leung, shared at XDA Developer Forum

Download the Clock Skin here

 Welder Watch Clock Skin


Clean, Crisp graphics, minimalistic and premium design from Andrew Davis.

Features: hours, minute and second hands,  24hr dial, seconds dial and battery level dial

Download the Clock Skin here

 Clockskin Evs Collection V2


Here is a huge collection of Clock Skin shared by Evs Mil

Download Clock Collection Skin here

ClockSkin Collection for No 1 D5, K8 and K8 mini



Shared by developers at

1.Connect watch to Windows/Mac/Linux
2.Enable USB Storage on watch
3.Create a folder called “ClockSkin” on the SDCard/Storage
4.Drag and drop any new face folder into “ClockSkin” folder on SDCard/Storage
5.Disconnect watch and select the new face

No adb, no special drivers, no scripts, no programs. Just drag and drop.

Watch Video on how to install custom clock skin for No.1 D5 smartwatch

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