Best Fitbit Ionic Strap – Sport Leather Band and Accessories

Fitbit Ionic is here, the first true smartwatch by Fitbit. The wearable is loaded with variety of sport and fitness feature, in fact it is more of a fitness tracker followed by a smartwatch. It is also equipped with sensors and functions such as 3-axis accelerometer 3-axis gyroscope Optical heart rate monitor Altimeter Ambient light sensor, GPS. Additional features are personal coaching, improve sleep monitoring, multi sport features etc. see full specifications

The smartwatch is a premium smartwatch with a focus on fitness and health, loaded with different sensors and features, the smartwatch is a premium wearable that will surely going to be on the top of the spectrum.

Aside from its cool looking unibody design, the band uses a proprietary strap, it is not the same with other smartwatches that uses a popular .22 mm strap, instead the Fitbit Ionic has its own design that is somewhat similar to Apple Watch where you just press and clip the strap to the body of the watch.

Right now, you Fitbit Ionic smartwatch comes with a “Classic” strap available in charcoal, slate blue or blue gray colors. But if you want something for office/casual type you can go for the “Leather” strap that is available in cognac and midnight blue colors, according to Fitbit the leather strap is made from horween leather and other materials, its waterproof as well as durable, the strap will set you back at $59.95 U.S.

Another strap that is being offered by Fitbit to suit the taste of sport and fitness enthusiast is the “Sport” strap series, the sport strap is a two toned band with breathable design. It is available in three color combination, coral & blue gray, black & charcoal or cobalt & lime.

Below are the complete details on the extra accessories being offered by Fitbit for its Ionic smartwatch.

Sportcoral & blue gray, black & charcoal or cobalt & lime

two-toned band , breathable band design.

Price: $29. 95

Leathercognac or midnight blue

hand-crafted with high-quality horween leather and other materials.

Price: 59.95


Classiccharcoal, slate blue or blue gray

water-resistant with a sleek aero pattern

Price: $29. 95


Fitbit Ionic Charging Cable

If you happen to misplaced your charging cable for Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit made it easy to purchase another extra cable, for just $20 dollars you can get one online. It is also available for purchased on

Right now, the extra strap that you can buy is only available on Fitbit website and, so far there are no third party companies offering extra strap for Fitbit Ionic, but expect that there will be tons of available strap with a much reasonable price that will be available when the Fitbit smartwatch is already in the market. Anyways, stay tuned as we will update this page with more news about Fitbit especially on extra straps and accessories.

Fitbit Flyer

If you don’t have a Bluetooth headphone, Fitbit offers the Fitbit Flyer, an accessory to let you listen to the stored music on your smartwatch. It’s a wireless fitness headphone with a sporty and sweat proof material. It is available in lunar gray and night fall blue.



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