Best App Launcher for Gear S3 that you can Download Right Now

Get the Samsung Gear S3 or S2? Well make it easy to launch apps in your Gear S3 with an app launcher. Yes you can also download an app like this in Gear S3. Gear S3 and Gear S2 has several app launchers/app managers for your Gear S3. Here are some of the best app launcher for Gear S3 and Gear S2 that you can download right now for your Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch.

Launch Manager – want a bubble app launcher similar to Apple Watch in your Gear S3? Download “Launch Manager” app for your Gear S3 by Launch Manager. The Launch Manager has several features, it includes gesture, like shaking your wrist to back or hide app, it also has zoom in and out feature in touch or rotating bezel.

AppLauncher – not that sophisticated compared to launch manager but still the app launcher has several good features that you might want to have for your Gear S3. Features include Google Voice for starting Google Now Voice search, and another one is the tasker. The app is developed by Alex Rokhlov.

Quick Launcher – developed by Peter Parker,( not the spider man I think). The Quick Laincer is a bubble style app launcher to quickly launch the apps. It also supports rotating bezel to show more apps.

Launch Manager Circle Pro – one of the best looking app launcher for Gear S3/S2, the Launch Manager Circle Pro, has cool animations zoom-in , zoom-out. It also supports bezel interactions, quick open of apps. You can also launch the app by long tap on the icon, zoom in to show more apps available in the app launcher. Developed by Smart Gear applications.

Widget App Launcher – this widget allows you to quickly launch an app. Easy adding of your chosen app to the launcher, you can also edit the app position in the widget. Please take note that the widget app launcher is only limited to 14 apps, developed by Le Hoang.

Gear Applications Manager – the app manager has a Bubble Style UI with several apps in just one scree, browse to the list of apps by swiping on the screen, it automatically zoom in to the other apps availale in your Gear S3. It also supports rotating bezel motion, developed by Webappvn

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