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Smartwatches and smartband is a pretty new technology, not all with smartphones are eager to have one or some don’t even know that a device like this exists. The adoption of wearables specifically smartwatches is very slow, only 4.2 percent of consumers in US and 3.8 percent in Europe have a smartwatches, in Asia it is even pretty low.

Here in the Philippines, I guess it is the same story, but of course this could change soon, Filipinos are techies, its a country of more than 100 million tech-savvy Filipinos. It’s no wonder why it’s the texting capital of the world, it is also included in the top 10, with the number of users in Facebook. Wearables adoption in the Philippines is slow, but I’m pretty sure, tech savvy Pinoy’s will soon have the smartwatch included in the list of tech device must have. Strolling in Malls, every now and then you could spot some Pinoy’s using a smartwatch instead of a traditional watch. With this, you can see that this piece of technology is getting appreciated, yes it’s slow but we its getting there.

If you are interested in getting one, and don’t know where to start, I advise you to get a cheap when I mean cheap, I mean affordable simple smartwatch first, an entry level I would say before going for a much sophisticated smartwatch, that is if the price is a factor.

Well here at, we will bring you some of the best affordable smartwatch in the market, below are the list of popular and cheap smartwatch available to buy in the Philippines.

U8 Smartwatch – it is one of the most affordable smartwatch in the market, it is cheap and got all the basic features. It cost around 400 Php to 700 Php. It is the cheapest smartwatch in the market so far, it is a simple smartwatch with simple design, I am not a fan of this smartwatch. So if you are in a tight budget and really eager to get one I think you should go for the DZ09 Smartwatch.

DZ09 Smartwatch –  it is also a popular smartwatch in the Philippines, a smartwatch that looks like the Samsung Gear 2. The smartwatch is also affordable pricing 600 Php to 800 Php. The DZ09 smartwatch has a color touch screen display, a built in camera, and also equipped with SIM card. It has a sporty look and includes pedometer, music player, sleep monitoring and call and message features.

Smart Watch Clock Sync Notifier

If you are dreaming of having an Apple Watch but can’t afford the price, well you are not alone, me too. Anyways you might want this Apple Watch clone when it comes to design. The Smart Watch Clock Sync Notifier has several fitness features such as pedometer, sedentary and sleep monitoring. The smartwatch has alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch, calculators etc. With stainless steel body and TPU band the Smartwatch Clock Sync Notifier is smartwatch looking wannabe.

M9 Intelligent Phone Quad Smart Watch

The design of this one is similar to the popular DZ09 smartwatch but under the hood the M9 smartwatch has a much higher specifications. It has a .54″ LCD touch screen, a standard 240 x 240 pixels resolution. Just like the DZ09 the M9 has a camera on top, it’s a 1.3 MP camera but if you don’t want to use the built in low resolution camera you can use your smartwatch as a remote control camera for your smartphone. The M9 has a 128 MB memory with support for TF card up to 32 GB. Features include pedometer, sedentary remind, sleep monitoring, anti-lost.

V8 Smartwatch

If you are looking for a circular smartwatch, I guess the V8 smartwatch is a good pick. The V8 smartwatch has a 1.22 inch 240 x 240 IPS LCD screen. It also has a micro SIM slot and a 32 GB TF card. Features in the smartwatch include 3D acceleration, pedometer analysis, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, anti-lost, remote camera. It is also able to provide notifications from social apps such as Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media apps.

You might be Interested to a Smartband

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – this is not a smartwatch but rather a fitness band, but this one deserves a mention. This smartband if you are not familiar is one of the top affordable smartband in the market specially in Asia as well as in the Philippines. It has a 0.42 inch OLED screen and with a very sporty look. Features of the smartwatch includes a heart rate monitor, pedometer, as well as sleep management, calories burned measuring, steps counting, distance recording, sedentary reminder.

Lenovo HW01 Smartband – the newest from the list it is now available worldwide including the Philippines, the smartband is the first entry of Lenovo in fitness band market. The Lenovo HW01 smartband has 0.91″ OLED inch screen with touch key interface, with 128 x 32 pixel resolution. It has heart rate monitor, pedometer, Sedentary reminder,Sleep monitor, Remote Camera, Message reminder, Phone Reminder,Sport Tracking and powered by 85 mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery standby time 7 of days.

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